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Choosing the title “Queenstagram” for herself on the looloo app was probably a pretty easy decision for Maxene. For the 197,000+ fans that follow her on Instagram, it must be pretty thrilling to witness how Maxene shares snippets of her life on the photo-sharing network — be it her not-so-secret love for all things Hello Kitty, her workout routines, and of course, her love for food (which makes her perfect for looloo)!

Maxene Magalona on Instagram and the looloo app

When we first found out she’d agreed to be a Suggested User, we were all really excited! Knowing that someone as pretty as Maxene would be on our app’s screen was awesome. We then started to recall her early showbiz days on Ang TV, 5 and Up, and Daddy Di Do Du! It was pretty obvious — even in her youth, Maxene’s always had star potential!

A young Maxene Magalona on the looloo app's blog

Nowadays, it looks like that potential’s really coming through with her career. Her roles now are a far cry from the Maxene we first saw gracing our TVs in the popular “Set Your Spirit Free!” commercial! She’s really begun to make a name for herself as a serious actress. Her recent portrayal of Cieca on Catnip (a film that won Best Screenplay in the recent Cinema One Originals 2012 awards) is a testament to her acting chops.

“It’s elevated by the standout performances of Lauren Young and Maxene Magalona on their offbeat characters.”

She recently celebrated her birthday on the white sands of Boracay (check out the awesome review she gave the Boracay Mandarin for her birthday stay!). With everything she’s already accomplished, it’s hard to imagine she’s still only 26. It seems like the sky’s the limit for Maxene and we at looloo are glad to have her as one of our Suggested Users. As more doors open for her, we’re sure Maxene’s bound to make her siblings, her mom Pia, and of course, her dad Francis, even prouder. :)