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It’s a Tuesday afternoon and instead of  being on their work desks (working), the entire looloo crew was huddled together like it was merienda time. Just like those checking looloo’s Twitter timeline to tune in to the live tweeting of the #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway winners, looloo crew members were also eager to find out who the lucky looloo reviewers/winners were this time.

Actually, it was more like: “Is there an iPhone 5C winner yet?”

looloo-reviewer-iPhone-5C winner

For looloo reviewers who joined the giveaway and were on Twitter that day, this question was quickly followed by a more “important” one:

“Is it me?!?!!”

The First-Ever #loolooPopQuiz

To make the live tweeting session more exciting (and because we didn’t know what to do with the zombie snacks we have at the office), we also gave away bonus prizes through the first-ever #loolooPopQuiz!

We asked quiz questions in between announcing #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway prize winners and found out there were a whole bunch of looloo reviewers tuned in! One awesome loolooer (who will remain unnamed for his/her own safety) even posted a photo of their work desk during the live tweet.

Two looloo reviewers, Trixia C. and Jamie L., ended up winning a set of (serious life must-haves) Crusty Zombie Toenails and Zombie Jerky each while Aebee B. won for herself a warm and snuggly looloo hoodie!

As for the #loolooPopQuiz questions — one was about the color of looloo’s menu icon (blue), another was about the largest shopping mall in the Philippines (SM Megamall) and the last was about the number of reviews looloo has gotten since launch (125,117 reviews!).

It was fun seeing all the answers quickly come in especially since we also got a couple of funny tweets like these:


The Lucky looloo Reviewers

Bacon-flavored toothpaste?! Who comes up with these things?! It’s genius!

Kenrick C. may be lucky enough to win this porky prize but it’s his friends and family who should be thankful that they’ll soon be around someone with delicious bacon breath! He gets to keep it that way with a pack of bacon mints, too! All while wearing his cool new looloo shirt. +100 pogi points earned!

looloo reviewers winner

Our strange preference for anything related to zombies doesn’t just end with zombie snacks. Since we’re such “forward thinkers,” the prize set that Christina R. won doesn’t just prepare her for when her iPhone battery dies, it also prepares her for the upcoming …zombie apocalypse.

As for Sheyz U., taking selfies while wearing the looloo hoodie just got so much better. She now gets to choose which PhotoJojo lens to use: Fisheye, Macro, or for zoomed in goodness, Telephoto.

The Luckiest of Them All

Now for the luckiest looloo reviewer of them all — the one who’s now the envy of the 200+ #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway participants and who gets to keep the brand new, green and gorgeous iPhone 5C!

What are the chances she was on Twitter and even participating in the #loolooPopQuiz?!

With 149 entries reviews written within the contest period, we can’t help but think of the hashtag #kinareer when we saw her name pop up on our virtual “tambiyooloo.” (Special mention to Neil R. for coining the term!) She also has a total of 415 looloo reviews as of this writing! Cray.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce everyone to our latest iPhone 5C winner, Veanney V! Congratulations, girl! Here’s to more places discovered and reviewed with looloo!

Veanney V looloo iPhone 5C Winner

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