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Discovering new places in the Philippines through looloo is a lot easier when you’re following the right people. Not only do you get to add more new places to your list, you also learn new things – from proper pronunciation of certain dishes to sometimes even a little history lesson. And if you’re nice, you even get to make new friends.

The only challenge is finding the right people.

If you’ve already looked through looloo’s Suggested Users List (which you can find by tapping this button on your Feed and Profile tabs) and still think your looloo feed looks a little bare, then you’re in luck!

Below we put together a list of witty and creative looloo reviewers you can follow. Whether you’re into learning new things, reading well-written reviews, or just looking at beautiful food photos, this should help fill your feed with the good stuff.

If you’re looking for quality looloo reviews…


Edwin I looloo

Edwin I.

Edwin writes so well that we had to do a mini-interview with him. His reviews are so wonderfully written, you’ll think you’re reading it off a magazine. Also quick to find hidden gems in and out of Manila, it’s no surprise he’s a top influencer on looloo!


Eric-N-loolooEric N.

Dubbed by some as “The looloo Wiki,” Eric is like the journalist version of a looloo reviewer. Asking important questions like when, why, or how something started is his expertise. For people who appreciate history, Eric is definitely a must-follow.


Peach-L-loolooPeach L.

From hole in the wall Japanese restaurants to hotels and even nail salons, you’re sure to get a variety of place reviews from all over the Philippines with Peach. Follow her and expect to get a dose of sunshine and positivity with her fun looloo narratives!


Denise-Q-loolooDenise Q.

When Denise writes on her looloo bio that her hobby is food spotting, she really means it. With reviews mostly for places in the South (Paranaque, BGC, McKinley), she’ll be your friendly guide when it comes to new places opening up in those areas.


Lesley-Ardelle-E-loolooLesley Ardelle E.

Known to have made an Excel spreadsheet out of the places she’s reviewed on looloo (!), Lesley is a true city explorer. Get a feel for what’s going on in the metro by reading about her date place discoveries, spa adventures and even clubbing experiences.


Neil-R-loolooNeil R.

Creatively-written and well-thought-out looloo reviews is what Neil is known for. But it doesn’t just stop at reviews for this witty guy. If you’re up for it, go ahead and start a crazy pun/rap/rhyming challenge with Neil… if you think you have what it takes. Ha.


If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy photos…



Melody T.

Her photos are so beautiful that we’ve been asking her to hold an iPhoneography 101 session with us. We’ve shared her photos on Instagram so much, we may as well add her name to our Instagram account.


Kat M.

“With an eye for iPhoneography” is Kat’s Suggested User Title on looloo. It’s a pretty accurate description  – one that we’re always reminded of as we go through her review photos and share yet another one of hers on Instagram.

Judith O.

One of her photos that we shared was so pretty, someone actually went to the same place the following day to try the same dish she took a photo of. Her photos are that inspiring, she doesn’t need words to convince someone.

Karyl-Hannah-V-loolooKaryl Hannah V.

This girl’s food photo collages are so crazy, sometimes we can’t help but think that maybe she uses Photoshop?! And even though she’s given us the names of some of the apps that she uses, ours still look nowhere near as polished as hers. That and of course, she also takes beautiful photos.

We hope these ten handpicked looloo reviewers add more life to your feeds!

We have way more looloo reviewers we want you to follow but we’ll have to save them for another day. If you have anyone in mind whom you think we should feature next, just let us know in the comments section!

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