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Who knew that making the seemingly easy decision of where to go could be so… well, difficult. There are way too many questions to ask. Is the place far? Anyone else been there? Is it open? …and the list goes on and on until that facepalm-inducing moment when you end up going “Uwi na nga lang!”


In this blog post, we’ll show you how the looloo app Explore filters make deciding where to go a lot less of a headache. We’ve come up with 8 common (and often frustrating) questions asked when checking out places.


Common Question 1: Ano ba malapit?

looloo Explore Filter: Nearby

looloo Explore Filter - Nearby

Use the Nearby filter on Explore and save yourself the embarrassment of acting like a complete n00b when in unfamiliar places. Our airborne unicorn recon team can pinpoint where you are and relay back a list of places near your location in a matter of seconds.


Common Question 2: Ano ba uso ngayon?

looloo Explore Filter: Trending

looloo Explore Filter - Trending

What’s the point of you wearing that brand new pair of skinny jeans if you ain’t gonna show them off? With the Trending filter, find out where everyone’s hanging out these days and show them you know all the latest trends.


Common Question 3: San yung mga ibang naka-looloo?

looloo Explore Filter: Latest

looloo Explore Filter - Latest

Bored? Maybe you want to try your luck at having a serendipitous moment with a fellow looloo reviewer? The Latest filter is the ultimate stalker tool to use when checking out the app’s most recently reviewed places. Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! Malay mo, mag-review bigla si Georgina Wilson.


Common Question 4: Guuuuys, san kayo?

looloo Explore Filter: Following

looloo Explore Filter - Following

This one’s for all you social butterflies/clingy friends out there. If you’re wondering where all your friends have been going, the Following filter shows you the latest reviews only from people you follow on the app. Be the thoughtful review-reading friend or the kinda creepy “I know where you were yesterday hihihi” acquaintance. Nyaha!

Stay tuned for Part 2! In the meantime, have you joined our iPod Touch giveaway yet? :D