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Congratulations to the winner of our latest looloo iPhone 4S giveaway, Lara! One of her looloo app reviews was randomly selected out of the 1,287 qualified entries for the promo.

looloo iPhone 4S Giveaway Winner

The last 3 winners have all been girls. Where all the homies at, yo??

…and that would’ve been the end of our post had she not scared the bejeezus out of us the day she was chosen as the winner. It still freaks me out thinking about it.

The winning entry was selected just last Tuesday, on what seemed to be a day like any other. Each qualified review that came in at or before 11:59 of the previous day had been entered into our handy-dandy raffle randomizer spreadsheet and with a quick click… BAM! Entry number 1078.

looloo iPhone 4S Winner

Cool, we had a winner! Usually, we love how people react when we tell them that they’d won: the expected “OMG WOOHOOOOO!” followed by “Wait, so you guys are legit, right?” LOL. But no, this one was different, HOURS before we had made any announcement, we receive this reply to our tweet from the @looloo Twitter account:

Lara's Tweet

Yep, the same Lara that the Excel gods had chosen as winner earlier that morning.

Cereal Spit

OMGWTFBBQ. How did she know??

So yes, after making sure that our office computers hadn’t been victims of a cyberattack from China, we’ve come to the obvious conclusion that yes, the latest iPhone winner? Probably psychic.