looloo is on iOS, Android, and now on the WEB!

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After working feverishly on making sure our friends on Android can also write looloo reviews, we thought we’d come up with something special for our friends who use their desktop computers/laptops a lot!

Write your looloo reviews using your favorite web browser.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to write reviews while at work (we won’t tell anyone!) or just because it’s much faster to write using your computer keyboard – the important thing is, you can now write reviews using your web browser! We just hope your favorite browser isn’t Netscape!

Step 1: Sign in to your looloo account!

looloo Web Sign-In

Go to looloo.com and click on that sign-in button at the top right!

Step 2: Start writing reviews!

Write Reviews looloo

Yup! You can now write looloo reviews using your web browser!

Aside from writing reviews, you can also do all sorts of things that you used to only be able to do using the looloo app!

  1. Write comments on reviews – you can even tag/mention people you follow!
  2. Show your appreciation and like reviews.
  3. Follow other awesome looloo reviewers.
  4. Check your notifications!
  5. And even save places to your looloo lists.

Read about different cities and provinces in the Philippines!

Not only do you get to learn about all these places, you also get to see gorgeous photos – some of them submitted by awesome (and very generous) photographers! Take a look at some of our province profiles like Cebu, Palawan or Banaue! Want to read more about the cities in Manila? Check out Quezon City, Bonifacio Global City, and Manila!

Join looloo’s 12 Days of Giveaways!

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The hugot tweets we got from those who didn’t win anything from the last looloo giveaway finally got to us. Tao lang kami guys, may damdamin din. #loljk

But seriously, we just wanted another opportunity for those who were a bit unlucky in the last giveaway. So in the spirit of the holiday season, here’s one more giveaway before the year ends!

Hopefully, you’ll win something! Especially if you’ve been bad this year, since you’re obviously getting jack squat from Santa.

12 Days of Giveaways

Beginning tomorrow, December 11, we’ll start giving away prizes every day for 12 days to random (but very lucky) qualified looloo reviewers!

One reviewer (who wrote a qualified review for each day) will be randomly chosen and announced live at 2PM the very next day on our Twitter account.

We’ll do this every day until December 22, 2015.

What are the prizes?!?

We can’t tell you right now but what we can tell you is that the value of the prizes will just keep going UP! Here’s a clue: this giveaway will not be possible without our friends from The Bistro Group, World Traveller, and Toby’s Sports! Woohoo!

Tomorrow, we’ll start off looloo’s 12 Days of Giveaways with Php 1,000 worth of GCs from Fish and Co.!

Keep checking our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to find out if you won and what the prize is for next day’s giveaway!

How to join:

  1. Make sure you show your intent to join the giveaway by adding #12Days anywhere in ONE looloo review. (You do not need to keep adding this to your reviews. Once added, it will automagically qualify you for the entire duration of the giveaway.)
  2. Write a qualified review.
    • Must have a photo.
    • Must have at least 1,000 characters or 150 words.
    • ANY category counts! So whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, spa, or travel review – they will count!
  3. Find out if you’re part of the 12 Days of Giveaways by going to amipartofthelooloogiveaway.com.

The First-Ever Enchanted Kingdom looloo rendezvoos! [Sponsored]

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Just because it’s a looloo rendezvoos (intentionally double o for looloo branding hehe), doesn’t mean it always has to be a restaurant!

This past October 10, we were lucky enough to have Enchanted Kingdom sponsor our visit to their magical kingdom in Laguna.

Since a lot of us haven’t been to EK in years, we weren’t quite sure what to expect from our Saturday adventure. Will it still look like the awesome theme park that it was when we were younger? Will the rides still be as scary? More importantly, will we see Eldar the wizard?!

Enchanted Kingdom

As we entered, we quickly saw that the park was packed! It may have been a bit crowded but it was pretty refreshing to see young kids still going with their families and friends to a theme park instead of going to the mall on a weekend… or playing Minecraft.

And surprisingly, after all these years (they’re celebrating their 20th year this year w00t!), Enchanted Kingdom still looks the same! The park is kept clean and you’ll always see someone cleaning up – whether it’s in the food court or near the rides.

Right when we got our park bands, we talked about our first order of business: hit up a lula-friendly ride safe for everyone. (Some of us just haven’t overcome our roller coaster phobia just yet hehe.) Looking at the handy Enchanted Kingdom map, it was an easy decision to make – the Flying Fiesta: a ginormous swing ride that rotates, lifts, drops, and tilts.

Falling in line took about twenty to thirty minutes which gave us more than enough time to chitchat with fellow looloo reviewers …and also try to calm ourselves down before the (one minute) ride. It was a good starting ride that got some of us already screaming at the top of our lungs, holding on for our dear lives. For some though, it was only a teaser ride.

From the famous Anchors Away to the kid-friendly Roller Skater to the classic Space Shuttle, the hunt for the most laglag-puso ride was on. And find it we did!

Called the EKstreme Tower, expect to be brought up 40 meters high before suddenly being dropped at 76 kph with your heart still in the air. Jairus D. even called it a “split second near-death experience!”

Even though we stayed at the park for 5 hours, we still thought it felt a bit bitin! It was definitely a well-spent Saturday with looloo friends at a theme park that’s been bringing friends and families together for twenty years! Thank you again to the Enchanted Kingdom team for having us! You can read what reviewers are saying about Enchanted Kingdom here.

P.S. We also got really lucky that when we went, there was a fireworks competition going on!

The looloo Explorer Pack Giveaway!

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The looloo Explorer Pack Giveaway!

This time of the year is usually when we start hunting for cool prizes to give away to lucky reviewers. While a 5-bedroom condo unit would have been a nice prize, we thought that was a bit boring.

Instead…we’re giving away multiple sets of cool prizes!

Up for grabs are different looloo Explorer Packs that we put together for specific category winners.

1: The looloo Travel Reviewer Explorer Pack
An explorer pack that’s perfect for the adventurous who love the outdoors, this prize package is just begging to be taken to Mt. Pulag, Nagsasa Cove, or even Tumalog Falls!

What’s inside:

  1. The North Face Backpack (Special thanks to our friends from R.O.X Philippines!)
  2. A Coleman sleeping bag
  3. A Coleman camping tent
  4. Anker external battery
  5. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

Coleman Tent Prize


2: The looloo Hotel Reviewer Explorer Pack
These days, what is traveling without taking photos and videos you can post on Facebook and YouTube?! Whether you just want wide-angle selfies or crazy videos of your latest adventure, this looloo Explorer Pack should help with that.

What’s Inside:

  1. A brand-new GoPro HERO4 SILVER. o__O
  2. Anker external battery
  3. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

GoPro Hero4 Silver

3: The looloo Restaurant Reviewer Explorer Pack
True explorers don’t just discover new travel destinations or activities, they’re also open-minded when it comes to eating. This means constantly trying new flavors and visiting all sorts of restaurants!

After all that eating, you probably won’t be thin and light, but review enough restaurants on looloo, and you may just win something that is.

What’s inside:

  1. A brand spankin’ new Apple iPad Air 2 fresh from our friends at Beyond the Box.
  2. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

BTB iPad Air2


More chances of winning guyz. If you can’t rely on luck, rely on your abilities!

Best Review Photo Winner
The looloo gods of luck may not choose your qualified review as the looloo Explorer Pack winner but if you bank on your photography skillz, you may just win the following:

  1. A 3-Day stay at the Remington Hotel. Because you deserve a break from taking such gorgeous photos!
  2. Resorts World restaurant vouchers worth Php 3,000. Because you need to eat after resting!
  3. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

Most Liked Review Winner
No luck and also no photography skillz to rely on? You better hope you’re popular. Because if you are, you may just win these:

  1. Php 5,000 worth of Starbucks anything! Spend it on frappuccinos or spend it on a sh*t-ton of Cavendish bananas, we don’t care!
  2. Anker external battery. In case your battery runs out while you’re at Starbucks.
  3. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

Longest Review Winner
Not lucky, no photography skillz AND not popular?! They say hard work pays off and maybe this time, it will. Write the longest review and this one’s all yours:

  1. A Fully Booked gift certificate worth Php 5,000. Get all the Feng Shui books, Photography for Dummies books, and How-To-Be Popular books!
  2. Anker external battery. In case your battery runs out while you’re reading.
  3. A looloo hoodie. A hard worker like you deserves to have one.
  4. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!


  1. First of all, we need to know you even want these prizes! To do that, you’ll just need to add the hashtag #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway to ONE of your looloo reviews.  When you add this to any of your reviews, your qualified entries will automatically be categorized. So whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or travel review, it will be entered automagically! (Guys, we don’t want you adding the hashtag to all your reviews, please. Just ONCE and it will be counted! We pinky swear!)
  2. You can check if you’ve successfully joined the giveaway by going to amipartofthelooloogiveaway.com. Just type in your email address that’s associated with your looloo account and hit enter to find out!
  3. Now that you’ve let it known that you’re joining the giveaway, it’s now time to start earning entries!
    • There are three main categories where you can possibly win — Travel, Hotel, and Restaurant. You can start writing your looloo reviews about places under these categories BUT:
      1. the review has to have a nice photo,
      2. they have to have at least 1,000 characters or 150 words,
      3. and they must be written beginning October 1, 2015.
      4. For hotel reviews, the hotel stay must be within the last 12 months. We may ask for proof (receipt or booking confirmation) if your review is selected.
    • Don’t forget about the consolation prizes! ;)
    • The Travel, Hotel, and Restaurant Explorer Pack Winners will be randomly chosen.
    • Contest ends on November 30, 2015. We will announce the winners live on Facebook and Twitter on December 3, 2015, Thursday.

More reviews mean more chances of winning!!! Good luck everyone! #letsdothis

looloo for Android Version 1.1: Now You Can Create Your Own looloo Profile!

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Woohoo! We now have an improved Early Access version of looloo for Android! Have a look at what we’ve added in this update:

looloo for Android v1.1

  1. You can now create your own looloo profile! Oh em chee! You can even add your website, your Instagram username, and something creative in there to describe yourself! Don’t forget to add your profile photo!
  2. Whether it’s your Facebook friends or suggested users, you can now follow other looloo users! W00t! This means you can now have your very own “Following” feed on looloo where you get to see only the reviews of the people you choose to follow!
  3. Spotted a place that you want to bookmark or save for later when you’re in the area? Save it to your looloo list! Add places to the pre-made Favorites or Must-Try lists — or create your own! Sort them by location, cuisine, type of place, etc. for easy access when you’re out and about.
  4. Found a bug or just want to drop us a message? Go to your Profile tab and tap the gear icon on the top right hand corner of your screen! You can choose to send us feedback (we appreciate a warm hello once in a while hehe) or report a bug!

For those itching to write reviews on looloo, don’t worry!!! We’re still working night and day to make sure you’ll get it as soon as possible! Patience as they say is a virtue… right?!

Download looloo for Android NOW!

P.S. We left a little note somewhere in our Play Store app update! ;)


looloo Giveaway: Write a Review and Get a Chance to Win Two (2) Movie Passes to See the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather Fight!

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Think #Laboracay is overrated? Instead, would you rather be in an uncrowded, air-conditioned movie theater, comfortably watching our Pambansang Kamao take down Mayweather — live?

That’s us, too. So you can just imagine how much willpower and discipline it took us to NOT take this one for ourselves. We have a pair of tickets to see Pacquiao vs. Mayweather at The Podium mall in Ortigas! Good seats, too!

Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

We’re just looking for the right people who want it! But of course, they can’t just be anyone. They have to be awesome looloo reviewers – or at least one of them.

The fight of the century is happening this Sunday so you have a very limited time to send in your entries! If you want to score these tickets, here’s how you can win:

  1. Write a looloo review. The review must be at least 60 words AND must come with a photo.
  2. At the end of your review, for us to count your entry, you must add the hashtag #LabanManny. This is important! We won’t be able to count your entry if you don’t add the hashtag!
  3. We will pick a random winner by Thursday, April 30, 12NN and announce it on our Facebook and Twitter accounts!

As always, the more reviews you have, the more chances of winning!

For Pacquiao fans, if there’s a better time to get rid of your looloo review backlog or to start reviewing, it’s now!

Introducing looloo for Android: Early Access Version

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After receiving countless emails and social media messages from Android users and reading convincing pleas from Google and Samsung (in our dreams), we finally gave in.

To our friends on Android: the long wait is almost over!

We’ve been working feverishly on the much-awaited Android version for looloo but we thought we’d let you in on the fun ASAP and offer an Early Access version of looloo for Android!

Early Access Version looloo for Android

While we’re working hard on the full release, you can now start searching for the best restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions in the country.

Search for places nearby or within a specific area in Metro Manila or any city in the Philippines. Whether it’s a hole in the wall or a famous local spot, find it using looloo!

If you want to try out a new place? Read looloo reviews on it first! You can also get directions, call the place, check their hours, or even view their menu to help guide you before your visit.

Help us spread the word! You can now download looloo’s Early Access version for Android!

If you have any suggestions or questions about the app, shoot us an email via support@nulllooloo.com! We’d love to hear from you!

New Year, New looloo Goals: 10 Brand New Badges Just Waiting To Be Unlocked!

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For the avid looloo reviewer, nothing spells achievement better than a newly redeemed looloo badge (aside from looloo merch of course, heh).

Whether you’ve unlocked all the badges or just a handful of them, we know it’s fun to check and see just how many you’ve collected. With a brand new year ahead of us, we thought we’d release a fresh new batch of badges!

New looloo badges

From buffet fans to history geeks, there’s an unlocked badge patiently waiting for the adventurous reviewer. Go check your looloo profile now and see your badge progress for all of them! Don’t let those places you’ve visited go to waste! Review them and…

Unlock all the badges!

Badges, badges, badges, badges… Reminds us of an old meme. 100 gold coins if you remember this one.

Anyhoo, if you have other badge ideas, let us know in the comments section below! Maybe we can include them in the next release!

looloo Turns 2: We’re Giving Away an iPhone 6!

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In just a few weeks, looloo turns 2! After its humble beginnings, looloo has grown to over 100,000 users and more than 150,000 reviews. 2 years later, it continues to help people discover places they’ll love, all over the Philippines.

Oh. One more thing… we’re giving away an iPhone 6.

looloo iPhone 6 Giveaway 2nd Anniversary

We think it’s our greatest giveaway yet.

Up for grabs is a brand new, “bigger than bigger” 16GB iPhone 6 in beautiful space grey, still in its box, in all its unbent glory. Not even available in the country yet (at least not without having to pay a ridiculous amount of cash), you’ll be the first of your friends to have one if you win!

The #loolooiPhone6Giveaway Mechanics:

Step 1: Tell us that you want to join!

Well, first of all, you have to be a looloo app user! Then, you have to tell us that you WANT to join the giveaway before November 30, 2014. How? Pick JUST ONE of the following methods:

Facebook: Comment on the looloo Facebook page’s post (click here!) with the following message: “It’s looloo’s 2nd anniversary! I’m [YOUR looloo NAME, e.g. Poppy P.] on the app and I’m joining the #loolooiPhone6Giveaway!” Afterwards, add a link to one of your reviews (click here to find out how to get the link).

Your comment should look like this:
looloo iPhone 6 Giveaway Facebook Share

Twitter: Tweet this message: “It’s @looloo’s 2nd anniversary! I’m [YOUR looloo NAME, e.g. Poppy P.] on the app and I’m joining the #loolooiPhone6Giveaway!” Then, add a link to one of your reviews (click here to find out how to get the link).

Your Twitter account’s privacy should be set to public for the duration of the giveaway, and your tweet should look like this:
looloo iPhone 6 Giveaway Twitter Share

Instagram: Regram or repost our giveaway image (click here to get the photo) and use this as your caption: “It’s the @loolooapp’s 2nd anniversary! I’m [YOUR looloo NAME, e.g. Peanut D.] on the #loolooapp and I’m joining the #loolooiPhone6Giveaway!” Then, add a link to one of your reviews (click here to find out how to get the link).

Your Instagram account’s privacy settings should be set to public for the duration of the giveaway, and your post should look like this:
looloo iPhone 6 Giveaway Instagram Share

Step 2: Start earning entries!

As with previous giveaways we’ve had, you have to submit reviews, refer friends, or share our social media posts before November 30, 2014 to earn entries!

Here’s a quick table that summarizes how many entries each action can earn:

How to Earn Entries Entry Points Details
Write a looloo review with text content and a photo. 1 review = 1 entry Only reviews written within the giveaway period (October 14 – November 30) will be counted. The review must have a photo and text content of at least 60 words.
Refer a friend to join looloo AND write a review 1 review from the new looloo member = 5 entries for both the referrer and the referee The new member must download and create a looloo account within the contest period AND tag the referrer at the end of the review. Use this line at the end of the looloo review: “I was referred by [@Friend’s Name] to join the #loolooiPhone6giveaway!”
Share looloo’s social media posts about the giveaway. 5 entries per share/retweet (max of 10 entries; 5 per social network) Share/Retweet our posts on Facebook and Twitter to get additional entries: Facebook (Click Here), Twitter (Click Here). Your accounts must be public for us to track your shares and retweets during the giveaway period.

Step 3: CLAIM YOUR PRIZE… assuming you win.

On December 2, 2014, we’ll announce the winner of the iPhone 6 via our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram) so be sure to like and follow them!

There will be one (1) winner of a brand new iPhone 6, and five (5) more looloo users who’ll take home awesome (and 100% unbendable!) looloot bags as consolation prizes. Winners will also be contacted by email so be sure to check your inboxes often!

The 2nd Anniversary #loolooiPhone6Giveaway begins NOW!! Remember, the more reviews you submit and the more friends you refer, the better the chances of winning!

looloo Tips & Tricks: Save looloo Specials for Later!

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Homework, groceries, laundry, bills,… and that looloo Special you’ve been wanting to redeem for quite a while now. With all the hubbub we’ve got going on every day, it’s not easy to remember everything! We may not be able to help you with your calculus, or pick up your dry-cleaning, but we’ve got a quick little tip to help you keep track of your favorite Specials on the looloo app!


Saving a place Special to a list means that you can get super quick access to all the Specials you’ve been eyeing, with just a few taps. On top of that, saving Specials to a list also means you’ll get a notification when each of them is about to expire. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Find a Special


Whether it’s by using the Specials Filter on Explore, or through a review you just read, tap on any Special you’re interested in redeeming later on.

Step 2: Use the “Add to List” Button


On the upper right-hand corner of the Special Offer screen, you’ll see an “Add” button. Tap on it! A message should pop up to let you know that the Special has been saved.

Step 3: View Saved Specials from the Lists Tab!


Tap on the Lists Tab at the bottom and look for the list labeled “Specials.” Each active looloo Special you’ve saved should be there, and tapping on any of them will bring you straight to the Special Offer screen. When a Special on your list is about to expire, we’ll send you a notification! At that point, it’s then up to you to get your butt moving to redeem it before it’s gone!

Some Specials you can save and redeem today:

AK Bistro
B&B Burgers and Brewskies
Bamba Bistro
Brasserie Girolle
Buffalo’s Wings N’ Things
Café Shibuya
Chef Robert
Chubby Chicken
Chubby’s Rib Shack
Earth Kitchen
Forget Me Not Café
Ginza Bairin
Greeka Kouzina
H Cuisine
Kichitora of Tokyo
Lola Café
Lucky Tea
Main Street
Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen
My Kitchen by Chef Chris
Patio Vera
Recess by Chef Chris
Red Onion Café
Steveston Pizza
Sweet Spot Café
Teriyaki Boy
Tipsy Beans
Wicked Kitchen

These are updated as of April 14, 2014. Be sure to check the Specials Filter often to see what’s new! Follow looloo on Facebook, @looloo on Twitter, and @loolooapp on Instagram for Specials updates as well!