Never get Lost Again with the looloo app’s “Get Directions” Feature!

Consider this scenario: You just found the perfect place to take your date out for dinner by using the Trending filter on the looloo Explore tab. You’ve read the restaurant’s reviews, seen the pictures, and checked out the menu too. The only thing left to do is to meet him/her there!

Possible Outcomes:

  1. You know exactly how to get to the restaurant, so you get there 15 minutes ahead of your reservation time. Being early makes a great first impression. You fall madly in love and live happily ever after.
  2. You get lost finding the place and arrive *25 minutes too laaaaate.* Despite your 37 missed calls, you never hear from him/her again. Yikes.

Get Directions with looloo

Luckily, a feature built into looloo should help you avoid Outcome #2 and with any luck, end up with Outcome #1 (though the flowers + falling in love bits are completely up to you). The app’s Get Directions feature can get you set up with turn-by-turn navigation to any place listed on looloo! Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Find a Place.



Step 2: View its Place Profile Page and Tap on the Map.


Step 3: Tap the “Get Directions” button.


Step 4: Start Navigating via Google Maps/Apple Maps.*

*looloo will automatically launch the Google Maps app if you have the app on your phone, but will default to Apple Maps otherwise.


looloo Badge List: Unlock ‘em All!

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Reviewing places on the looloo iOS app is easy. Finding awesome places with the Explore Tab? Dead simple! But hardcore app enthusiasts and frequent looloo reviewers know that one particular feature built into the app is actually pretty challenging (in fact, only ONE person has done it) — unlocking all 18 badges on the looloo app!

For those looking to conquer this feat, or if you think you’d like to make finding and reviewing places a bit of a game, or maybe you just like collecting badges, we’ve put together a list of all the badges you can collect. Hit up the comments section below if you’ve got suggestions for future badge additions, too!

TIP: To see which badges you’ve already unlocked, tap on the Profile tab on the app to view your user profile, then tap on Badges!



looloo-Badge - Amerikain (American Restaurants)

You must have stars (and stripes!) in your eyes after all that food!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different American restaurants


Bar Hopper

looloo-Badge - Bar-Hopper (Bars)

“No need to wine. If you beer with us and visit 5 bars, we got a badge on tap for you.”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different bars.



looloo-Badge - Bibimbadge (Korean Restaurants)

“Hungry for bulgogi? Got a thing for kimchi? Try out 5 Korean restaurants for your Bibim badge!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Korean restaurants.



looloo-Badge-Bow-Chicken-Wowow (Fried Chicken Restaurants)

“Why did the chicken cross the road? To visit 5 chicken joints and earn this badge!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Fried Chicken restaurants.



looloo-Badge-Buonissimo (Italian Restaurants)

“Molto Bene! Wipe that marinara sauce from your mouth!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Italian restaurants.


Burger Goodness

looloo-Badge-Burger-Goodness (Burger Restaurants)

“Did you want fries with your Burger Goodness badge?”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Burger joints.


Chinese Chow Fan

looloo-Badge-Chinese-Chow-Fan (Chinese Restaurants)

“Balance, prosperity, and luck shall come to those who unlock this badge”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Chinese restaurants.


Coffee Head

looloo-Badge-Coffee-Head (Cafes)

“Ahh, there’s nothing like a fresh cup of Joe! Here’s to caffeine! From one Coffee Head to another.”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different coffee shops or cafes.


Filipino Food Fan

looloo-Badge-Filipino-Food-Fan (Filipino Restaurants)

“Sarap naman niyan! Omnomnom…”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Filipino restaurants.


Hotel Trippin’


“Check in to hotels to earn this badge. No, really… get a room!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different hotels.


Party Animal

looloo-Badge-Party-Animal (Clubs)

“Be the life of the party by reviewing different clubs and earn the looloo equivalent of the keys to the VIP!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different clubs.



looloo-Badge-Pizzalicious (Pizza)

“Whether it’s thin crust, deep dish, or pan — this one’s for all you pizza fans!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different pizza places.


Salon Junkie


“Go from hairdo to hairdone. Got to different hair salons and we’ll cut you this badge”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different hair salons.


Something’s Fishy

looloo-Badge-Somethings-Fishy (Seafood Restaurants)

“Ahoy! Claim your pirate’s booty and batten down the hatches, eat at 5 seafood places,and earn some badges!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Seafood restaurants.


Spa Lover


“Relax and rejuvenate at 5 day spas and pamper yourself with this badge.”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different spas.


Tea Timer


“Matcha or Jasmine? You’ll probably have both ‘coz you’re a tea-timer!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different tea places.



looloo-Badge-Traveler (Airports)

“This badge is plane awesome! Just fly to different airports to book this bad boy.”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different airports.


Turned Japanese


“California rolls, they’re undeniable. Crab, meat, egg, and mango on top!”

Unlock this badge by reviewing 5 different Japanese restaurants.

Must-Follow looloo Reviewers

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Discovering new places in the Philippines through looloo is a lot easier when you’re following the right people. Not only do you get to add more new places to your list, you also learn new things – from proper pronunciation of certain dishes to sometimes even a little history lesson. And if you’re nice, you even get to make new friends.

The only challenge is finding the right people.

If you’ve already looked through looloo’s Suggested Users List (which you can find by tapping this button on your Feed and Profile tabs) and still think your looloo feed looks a little bare, then you’re in luck!

Below we put together a list of witty and creative looloo reviewers you can follow. Whether you’re into learning new things, reading well-written reviews, or just looking at beautiful food photos, this should help fill your feed with the good stuff.

If you’re looking for quality looloo reviews…


Edwin I looloo

Edwin I.

Edwin writes so well that we had to do a mini-interview with him. His reviews are so wonderfully written, you’ll think you’re reading it off a magazine. Also quick to find hidden gems in and out of Manila, it’s no surprise he’s a top influencer on looloo!


Eric-N-loolooEric N.

Dubbed by some as “The looloo Wiki,” Eric is like the journalist version of a looloo reviewer. Asking important questions like when, why, or how something started is his expertise. For people who appreciate history, Eric is definitely a must-follow.


Peach-L-loolooPeach L.

From hole in the wall Japanese restaurants to hotels and even nail salons, you’re sure to get a variety of place reviews from all over the Philippines with Peach. Follow her and expect to get a dose of sunshine and positivity with her fun looloo narratives!


Denise-Q-loolooDenise Q.

When Denise writes on her looloo bio that her hobby is food spotting, she really means it. With reviews mostly for places in the South (Paranaque, BGC, McKinley), she’ll be your friendly guide when it comes to new places opening up in those areas.


Lesley-Ardelle-E-loolooLesley Ardelle E.

Known to have made an Excel spreadsheet out of the places she’s reviewed on looloo (!), Lesley is a true city explorer. Get a feel for what’s going on in the metro by reading about her date place discoveries, spa adventures and even clubbing experiences.


Neil-R-loolooNeil R.

Creatively-written and well-thought-out looloo reviews is what Neil is known for. But it doesn’t just stop at reviews for this witty guy. If you’re up for it, go ahead and start a crazy pun/rap/rhyming challenge with Neil… if you think you have what it takes. Ha.


If you’re looking for Instagram-worthy photos…



Melody T.

Her photos are so beautiful that we’ve been asking her to hold an iPhoneography 101 session with us. We’ve shared her photos on Instagram so much, we may as well add her name to our Instagram account.


Kat M.

“With an eye for iPhoneography” is Kat’s Suggested User Title on looloo. It’s a pretty accurate description  – one that we’re always reminded of as we go through her review photos and share yet another one of hers on Instagram.

Judith O.

One of her photos that we shared was so pretty, someone actually went to the same place the following day to try the same dish she took a photo of. Her photos are that inspiring, she doesn’t need words to convince someone.

Karyl-Hannah-V-loolooKaryl Hannah V.

This girl’s food photo collages are so crazy, sometimes we can’t help but think that maybe she uses Photoshop?! And even though she’s given us the names of some of the apps that she uses, ours still look nowhere near as polished as hers. That and of course, she also takes beautiful photos.

We hope these ten handpicked looloo reviewers add more life to your feeds!

We have way more looloo reviewers we want you to follow but we’ll have to save them for another day. If you have anyone in mind whom you think we should feature next, just let us know in the comments section!

Top 10 Signs You’re A looloo Addict

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You’ve downloaded the looloo app to discover places in the Philippines.

But recently, you’ve been finding yourself checking the app more often than you check Facebook or Twitter. For some reason, you also happen to own one or two items out of the looloo merchandise. Heck you’ve even noticed you’re starting to gain a little inflooence weight! Eep.

My friend, welcome to the club.

If you’re not sure you should be a member, here are the top 10 signs you are in fact, a looloo addict:

  1. You find yourself constantly taking pictures of your food, the hotel pool, or even salon interiors.

    looloo reviewer
    At restaurants, you ask to be seated where there’s good light source for better-looking pictures (because you already know that flash makes your food photos look nasty). You’ve gotten looloo comments like “Nice photo!” and probably even had your photo shared on looloo’s Instagram account.

  2. looloo is the first app you open when you wake up or the last thing you check before you go to bed.

    With all the notifications you’re getting, not only could you be checking looloo more often than you check Facebook or Twitter, you might also even have more followers on it than your other social media accounts!

  3. You’ve gone to a place just because “I read about it on looloo.”

    You’ve also dragged your friends or family with you, excited to share with them this new place you’ve discovered. And although it’s a bit risky if they end up not liking the place (since you end up taking the blame), the reward is pretty cool if they enjoy their visit. This leads to sign #7.

  4. Your friends call you “Ms./Mr. looloo,” “looloo expert” or just plain “looloo.”

    Recommend on looloo
    Sometimes they even call you just to ask for place recommendations.

  5. You know and use all the looloo app features.

    You know how recommendations and credits affect your inflooence score, you keep lists of places (maybe even sorted by area or cuisine), you’ve played the secret breakout game, you know how to check menus, you’ve suggested a place at least once… seriously, what do you not know about using looloo?

  6. In fact, when you took the looloo Quiz, you got a perfect score!

    looloo quiz
    +100 points if you got a perfect score with just one try!

  7. You’ve convinced a friend or a family member to join the looloo app.

    create a looloo account
    Whether it’s for a giveaway entry or just so they also get dragged into the “club,” you’ve done it at least once. While it doesn’t automatically mean you were successful, you’ve at least tried one of these methods: bribery (“Kain tayo sa labas. Libre kita! Gawa ka ng looloo account tapos i-review mo ha?!), bullying or just plain begging.

  8. You have at least one looloo swag item.

    Whether it’s the looloo shirt, hoodie, sticker or payoong, you have at least one. Doesn’t matter how you got it – from a rendezvoos/eatup, mailed to you, borrowed, or stolen – you have it. That’s all that matters.

    You may have also tried to drop super obvious hints to the looloo crew asking for swag (most commonly done for the looloo hoodie). You probably did this by showering them with compliments… but eventually found out that this tactic does not work. Ha. Nice try though.

  9. You’ve attended an eatup, a rendezvoos or an unofficial eatup.

    looloo eatup
    You know you’re a bonafide looloo addict when you’ve considered yourself part of the looloo community, so much so that you’re actually comfortable meeting with strangers (because looloo reviewers are friendly and are probably not going to steal your kidney).

    You introduced each other with first name and last name initials (“Hello!!! I’m Peanut D! Are you Jacy L?!”), initially felt awkward but then stayed for hours upon hours just talking about food, places, and everything in between. You may have even used the word family to describe your set of looloo friends because really, that’s how it feels like.

  10. You’ve made your very own looloo artwork.

    This takes the number one spot. If you’ve found yourself creating a looloo pancake or a looloo flag bokeh, or perhaps asked a barista to make a looloo latte art, maybe paper twirled the looloo logo or found your daughter drawing it, then it’s guaranteed, you’ve been addicted.

There’s no turning back now! Embrace it because you’re awesome and we think you’re the coolest people to ever join looloo and we will forever be grateful you decided to become part of our small and humble community of explorers and food lovers. :)

How many out of the 10 signs do you have? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments section!

Lucky looloo Reviewers: looloo’s iPhone 5C Giveaway Winners

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It’s a Tuesday afternoon and instead of  being on their work desks (working), the entire looloo crew was huddled together like it was merienda time. Just like those checking looloo’s Twitter timeline to tune in to the live tweeting of the #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway winners, looloo crew members were also eager to find out who the lucky looloo reviewers/winners were this time.

Actually, it was more like: “Is there an iPhone 5C winner yet?”

looloo-reviewer-iPhone-5C winner

For looloo reviewers who joined the giveaway and were on Twitter that day, this question was quickly followed by a more “important” one:

“Is it me?!?!!”

The First-Ever #loolooPopQuiz

To make the live tweeting session more exciting (and because we didn’t know what to do with the zombie snacks we have at the office), we also gave away bonus prizes through the first-ever #loolooPopQuiz!

We asked quiz questions in between announcing #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway prize winners and found out there were a whole bunch of looloo reviewers tuned in! One awesome loolooer (who will remain unnamed for his/her own safety) even posted a photo of their work desk during the live tweet.

Two looloo reviewers, Trixia C. and Jamie L., ended up winning a set of (serious life must-haves) Crusty Zombie Toenails and Zombie Jerky each while Aebee B. won for herself a warm and snuggly looloo hoodie!

As for the #loolooPopQuiz questions — one was about the color of looloo’s menu icon (blue), another was about the largest shopping mall in the Philippines (SM Megamall) and the last was about the number of reviews looloo has gotten since launch (125,117 reviews!).

It was fun seeing all the answers quickly come in especially since we also got a couple of funny tweets like these:


The Lucky looloo Reviewers

Bacon-flavored toothpaste?! Who comes up with these things?! It’s genius!

Kenrick C. may be lucky enough to win this porky prize but it’s his friends and family who should be thankful that they’ll soon be around someone with delicious bacon breath! He gets to keep it that way with a pack of bacon mints, too! All while wearing his cool new looloo shirt. +100 pogi points earned!

looloo reviewers winner

Our strange preference for anything related to zombies doesn’t just end with zombie snacks. Since we’re such “forward thinkers,” the prize set that Christina R. won doesn’t just prepare her for when her iPhone battery dies, it also prepares her for the upcoming …zombie apocalypse.

As for Sheyz U., taking selfies while wearing the looloo hoodie just got so much better. She now gets to choose which PhotoJojo lens to use: Fisheye, Macro, or for zoomed in goodness, Telephoto.

The Luckiest of Them All

Now for the luckiest looloo reviewer of them all — the one who’s now the envy of the 200+ #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway participants and who gets to keep the brand new, green and gorgeous iPhone 5C!

What are the chances she was on Twitter and even participating in the #loolooPopQuiz?!

With 149 entries reviews written within the contest period, we can’t help but think of the hashtag #kinareer when we saw her name pop up on our virtual “tambiyooloo.” (Special mention to Neil R. for coining the term!) She also has a total of 415 looloo reviews as of this writing! Cray.

Without further ado, we’d like to introduce everyone to our latest iPhone 5C winner, Veanney V! Congratulations, girl! Here’s to more places discovered and reviewed with looloo!

Veanney V looloo iPhone 5C Winner

Team Anti-Valentine’s Day: What to Do This V-Day Weekend

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Not a fan of Valentine’s Day and think it’s just a consumerist-oriented holiday that causes massive traffic in Manila? Do you think it’s too cheesy to do anything romantic with thousands of other couples? Or maybe it just so happens that you’re single this time of the year?

Whatever it is, welcome to Team Anti-Valentine’s Day!

While it would be a good idea to just simply ignore this day, that’s not really being realistic. Unless of course you decide to actively skip seeing your social media feeds filled with photos of flowers, teddy bears, and what your couple friends had for their Valentine’s Day dinners. Seems impossible. Plus, ignoring V-Day doesn’t sound like fun!

If we can’t beat ‘em, fine, let’s join ‘em! So why not gather all your Team Anti-Valentine’s Day friends, go out there and be together alone!


Celebrating Together Alone Day doesn’t have to be boring! In fact, it’s a good reason to be bitter together enjoy each other’s company and create fun and lasting memories of singlehood friendship.

Here’s a quick list of things you can easily do (together alone) this Valentine’s Day weekend:


Not only does this count as physical activity (you could actually burn up to 204 calories per hour), bowling is also a lot more fun with friends.



Photo taken from Magsie B.’s looloo review during looloo’s Bowling Eatup

With more people, you get to rest for a bit (working out gets tiring!) while waiting for your turn and the concept of “the more the merrier” applies should you decide to make team bets! Having the losing team pay for dinner is always a good idea (although not cheap if you suck at bowling).

Where to go bowling:


With rooms that can accommodate up to 10 or more people, this is the perfect (non-couple) place to go this Valentine’s Day weekend. Sing bitter songs with your friends like Irreplaceable by Beyonce or Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. or be extra cool and rap like 2Chainz instead.

And if you can’t stand how other people sing, maybe a bottle of beer will make them sound better. Ha.

Where to sing your hearts out:

Scream Park Manila

If you’re not too keen on going bowling and don’t really like singing with other people, how about paying to see someone try to scare you instead? Open nightly from Wednesday – Sunday, it’s fits perfectly right into the V-Day weekend. When zombies are running after you, it’s a lot easier to forget that you’re single it’s even Valentine’s Day!

Scream Park Manila is located at Diosdado Macapagal Avenue corner. Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City.

Hopefully, with those three places you’ll have non-cheesy pictures to share this weekend. And if you didn’t like any of them, you can always meet up with your friends, check looloo, and eat out!

2014 is the Year of the Green… iPhone 5C Giveaway!

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We’re doing another iPhone 5C giveaway to kickstart the year!

With 2014 being the Year of the Green Horse (we totally planned this… wasn’t a coincidence at all), a matching new green iPhone 5C would be the perfect prize for one lucky looloo reviewer! You won’t need no feng shui to take this gorgeous piece of hardware home — all you need to do is submit place reviews on looloo!

Green iPhone 5C Giveaway5(white)

For the still-pretty-lucky few who won’t be taking home the iPhone, we also have another Photojojo lens set to give out, and we’ve managed to round up a couple of looloot bags featuring some completely irrelevant but totally awesome (because EVERYONE needs some bacon-flavored toothpaste!) goodies to give away as well:

looloo iPhone 5C Giveaway Consolation Prizes

How to Join the #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway?

Step 1: 

Let us know you REALLY want it by staging a dragon dance parade and launching fireworks outside looloo headquarters. That, or get on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (PLEASE JUST PICK ONE!):

  • Facebook: Like and Comment on this Facebook post on the looloo app page with your user name on the app + a link to your most recent review. Your comment should go as follows: “I’m [your looloo user name] on looloo and I’m feeling lucky! #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway!” It should look something like this:

    looloo iPhone 5C Giveaway Facebook Comment
  • Twitter: Tweet us! Your tweet should also include your user name on the app + a link to your most recent review: “I’m [your user name] on @looloo and I’m feeling lucky! #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway!” It should look like this:

    looloo iPhone 5C Giveaway Tweet
  • Instagram: Post this image on your Instagram account and caption it with (you get the idea) your user name + a link to your most recent review: “I’m [your looloo user name] on the @loolooapp and I’m feeling lucky! #loolooiPhone5CGiveaway!” Here’s an example:

    looloo iPhone 5C Giveaway - Instagram

*To get the link to your most recent review on the app, use the share button while viewing it on the looloo app.

**IMPORTANT: Make sure your social media account settings are set to public or we won’t see your posts on Twitter and Instagram!

Step 2: 

WRITE LOTS OF REVIEWS… and spread the word for bonus entries!

How to Earn Entries Entry Points Details
Write a looloo review with text and a photo. 1 review = 1 entry Only reviews written within the contest period will be counted.
Refer a friend to join looloo AND write a review 1 review from the new looloo member = 5 entries for both the referrer and the referee The new member must download and create a looloo account within the contest period AND tag the referrer at the end of the review. Use this line at the end of the looloo review: “I was referred by [@Friend’s Name] to join the #loolooiPhone5Cgiveaway!”
Tag your friends by sharing public social media posts telling them about the looloo contest 1 social media channel = 1 entry A maximum of 3 entries will be given if you share the post and tagged your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.When you share a public social media post, use this message: “I’m feeling lucky, [@Friend1] and [@Friend2]! @looloo’s giving away this green iPhone 5C! #loolooiPhone5Cgiveaway”

Remember: On Twitter, tag @looloo. For Instagram, tag @loolooapp. On Facebook, just share this post. If you don’t tag us, we might not find your entries!

Contest Period: January 25, 2014 to February 23, 2014.

Step 3:

Cross your fingers and have your lucky jade-colored underpants on when we live-tweet the winners on February 25 through a randomized selection of entries. Remember, the more entries you have, the better chances of winning!

We’ll also be publishing a blog post a few days later with the names of all the winners… but do you really want to wait that long before finding out? :D

Zhù nǐ hǎo-yùn!! (We hope Google translate got that right.)


looloo Awards: Metro Manila’s Best Restaurants of 2013!

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It’s a brand new year, and  as always, we look back at the 12 months that had passed (and X number of pounds gained). Kicking off 2014, now would also be a great time to give props to the awesome foodie year that was, with looloo reviewers’ picks for the best restaurants of 2013!

Manila's Best Restaurants in 2013

Based on your reviews on the looloo app, we put together a list of food joints that had us drooling, craving, falling in line for hours, and succumbing to food comas. Without further ado, the very first looloo Awards!

Best Restaurants of 2013: Burger Joint


Charlie’s Grind and Grill

“Their Black Angus Burgers definitely hit the spot”

This was an extremely difficult decision. Competition was tough this year for Charlie’s, with well-loved places like Burger Bar and Zark’s (even new-contender B&B: Burgers and Brewskies) making it to the shortlist. At least for this year, the tried and tested carwash/restaurant took the top spot, with loyal reviewers standing by the Kapitolyo-based burger joint. Their Wagyu and Black Angus burgers, philly cheese steaks, and fries were clear reviewer favorites. Both branches received a total of 317 reviews, with each sporting a 4.4 average rating.


Best Restaurants of 2013: Mexican/Fil-Mex


El Chupacabra

“Muy delicioso tacos de la calle!”

looloo reviewers this year seemed to put as much emphasis on price and ambience when it came to reviewing places, and El Chupacabra is testament to that fact. Not only were their budget-friendly street style tacos (and cheap beer) a big hit, but so was their no-frills (read: no AC!) hole-in-the-wall type ambience. 84 reviews giving it a 4.39 average rating? It just goes to show that you don’t need to be fancy to be the best.


Best Restaurants of 2013: Steak

Hai Chix & Steaks


“Everything we ordered was GLORIOUS.”

Not often mentioned alongside the likes of Elbert’s Steak Room, or Mamou, Hai Chix was a dark horse for this category. It seems to have worked in its favor though — people who did get to try the unassuming place at the Ortigas Home Depot were pleasantly surprised by the quality and cook of their steaks, minus the through-the-roof prices that usually come with them. If steak is your thing and you don’t mind ditching the fancy silverware to save some dough, Hai Chix is a must!


Best Restaurants of 2013: Pizza


Project Pie

“Definitely my new favorite pizza place in Manila”

A relatively new contender in the local restaurant scene, Project Pie made quite the splash when it finally dove in. Just barely overtaking early looloo reviewers’ favorite Nolita, its DIY pizza concept was a huge hit among reviewers and the place accumulated over 200 reviews in less than 6 months after opening. With a second branch now open by SM MOA, expect many more to come!


Best Restaurants of 2013: Sweets/Desserts

Best Restaurants Metro Manila - BONO Artisanal Gelato

BONO Artisanal Gelato

“What better way to start a day than with a good double scoop of awesomeness?”

Gelaterias have been around for a while now, but few did gelato the way BONO did. They took classic Italian technique  and put their own spin on things by introducing creative flavors like Taho, Cereal & Milk, Glazed Donuts, heck, even a variant named after Dessert Comes First’s Lori Baltazar! looloo reviewers ate it up (literally!) as 5-star ratings started pouring in like crazy.


Best Restaurants of 2013: Filipino


Wooden Spoon

“Patok na patok!”

With Chef Sandy Daza at the helm, this place’s popularity on the app was no surprise. When the first branch opened (and despite the complaints about parking), reviewers loved the balance of old-school and new-school Filipino flavors in their dishes. Among the offerings that left people wanting more were the Stuffed Pechay, Wansoy Shrimp Nuggets, and Crab Pancit. If Katipunan was a hard-sell for some, fret not, their Rockwell branch is now open!


Best Restaurants of 2013: Breakfast


Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

“This restaurant easily became my favorite brunch place in the metro”

Marikina may not be the biggest foodie hub out there but few restaurants stand out the way Rustic Mornings does. Amidst the concrete and asphalt of the city, the place is quite literally a hole in the wall (you have to drive through an eskinita to reach it… luckily you can get directions via the looloo app!). For the people that have made the trip though, it seems to have been worthwhile. The place has a bit of a secret as well — at night, it literally transforms into a whole new restaurant!


Best Restaurants of 2013: Katsu



“This is, by far, the best katsu in town”

This was pretty much a no-brainer. Before competition from big names like Saboten and Ginza Bairin came in, Yabu had already set the bar pretty high for katsu-lovers out there. Great food and consistently good service have become synonymous with the place based on reviews — something they’ve got a lot of, by the way. Over 1,100 and counting!


Best Restaurants of 2013: Ramen


Ukokkei Ramen Ron

“This tantanmen is SUPERB. Period.”

Ramen was one of 2013’s biggest trends and it’s likely that this place set the standard for all ramen restaurants  that tried to follow. With a chef that goes by the nickname “The Ramen Nazi”, you just KNOW that the food’s going to be top-notch. Their signature tantanmen, of which they serve only 20 bowls a day, is probably the most sought-after dish for any Japanese noodle fan out there.


Best Restaurants of 2013: Chinese

Best Restaurants Metro Manila - Peking Garden

Peking Garden

“There is no way but the 3-way!”

With its Greenbelt branch probably being one of the top-rated restaurants of all-time on looloo (a 4.88 average!), it’s no wonder this place is one of the go-to places for special occasions like birthdays, big meetings, etc. Their 3-way peking duck is probably the best you’ll find anywhere in the country, perfectly prepared, even described by one reviewer as “sinfully amazing.”


Best New Restaurant of 2013


Project Pie

Ha! The only place to take 2 spots on this list, Project Pie takes the top spot for best new restaurant of 2013. The DIY Food thing they’ve got going on could be considered a trend in itself, and this place capitalized on it by really toying and teasing with Filipinos’ love for pizza. Touche, Project Pie! Well-played indeed.


Guess Who Won the iPhone 5C from the #loolooholidaygiveaway!

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By December 17 (the following day after the contest period), we had more than 200 names join the #loolooholidaygiveaway. From looloo reviews to referrals …to nagging friends on social media, we counted them all! The total number of entries collected? 2,015. Cray.

We were so excited to announce the winner, we even did a live tweetcast (?) as we were drawing looloo reviewers’ names! Even we were getting jittery with each new name popping up!

The live tweeting wouldn’t be as much fun though if not for the hilarious tweets we were getting from looloo users. (Although we did find it interesting that they were able to monitor Twitter on a weekday at 3PM…)

There were 20 winners for this contest and the twist for this #loolooholidaygiveaway was that the last (or in this case, the 20th) name to get randomly picked, gets first dibs on the prize of his or her choice.

Here’s a list of the winning names to have been randomly chosen by the looloo gods (in order):

  1. Leo V.
  2. Kuya J.
  3. Teachy Jing V.
  4. April V.
  5. Carla M.
  6. Gio C.
  7. Theresa L.
  8. Jennie V.
  9. April H.
  10. Reinier S.
  11. Olive Y.
  12. Cristina C.
  13. Trisha S.
  14. Anne R.
  15. Lovely Joy M.
  16. Leen C.
  17. Reisha D.
  18. Caroline C.
  19. Jamille T.

And that 20th name to get picked? Lots of looloo reviewers wanted it to be their names but it seems the looloo gods of random contest winners have made their choice.

It was to be Suzette C.

She already stopped by looloo HQ yesterday to pick her prize up! What a lucky girl!

Suzette C wins the loolooholidaygiveaway Suzette C. with her brand new iPhone 5C and the looloo Crew complete with the balloonicorn and Taylor Swift.

The mystery restaurant gift certificates have also been revealed via Twitter. We’re giving away 2 Yabu GCs worth Php 1,000 each, 10 free upsize GCs from BONO Artisanal Gelato (plus all winners also get to keep 2 free BONO upsize GCs!), 2 Cue Modern Barbecue GCs worth Php 1,000 each, 5 Teriyaki Boy GCs worth Php 500 each and 5 Dencio’s GCs worth Php 2,000 each!

The Mophie Powerstation Mini went to Reisha D. while the PhotoJojo Lens Set to Leen C.

As for the 2 mystery looloo bags and what’s inside them? We have yet to find out! Both Caroline C. and Jamille T. picked them and we’re excited to see how they’ll react after they find out what we managed to stuff the bags with! Will it have the same stuff Paula P. had in her mystery bag?

We’ll find out soon!

Thank you to everyone who joined the #loolooholidaygiveaway! Congratulations to all the winners!!! And to those whose names the looloo gods did not choose, worry not! We might just have another one early next year…

For now, happy holidays! Enjoy the holiday break and if you eat out… don’t forget to looloo it!

P.S. That live tweet was so much fun, it made us think of introducing monthly Twitter quizzes. Maybe with fake poop as prizes? Ha. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

looloo’s iPhone 5C Holiday Giveaway!

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It’s been an amazing year of meeting funny, kind, and good-looking (naks!) looloo reviewers both on the app and in real life. And while we’d love to get them all Christmas gifts to show just how grateful we are, the entire looloo crew might have to start living off instant Yakisoba noodles if we do that.

So we thought we’d get a couple of cool prizes and do an iPhone 5C holiday giveaway instead! By the end of the contest period, we’ll be handing the lucky winner a brand new beautiful and “unapologetically plastic” 16GB, white iPhone 5C.


But if you don’t get to take home the 5C, don’t worry! We’ve also managed to grab a PhotoJojo lens set, a Mophie Powerstation Mini, 2 mystery looloot bags (see what Paula P. and Mia J. found in their mystery bags), and mystery restaurant gift certificates to add to our list of prizes!


All right. Enough teasing.

Here’s how you can join the #loolooholidaygiveaway:

  1. You will first need to show us that you WANT to join the contest. Pick JUST ONE out of the 3 ways that you can join. You can do it via:
    1. Facebook. Just comment on this post with this message: “My name is [YOUR looloo NAME, e.g. Peanut D.] on looloo!” Then add a link to one of your reviews that’s written any time between December 2 to December 16, 2013. Here’s how your comment should look like:

    2. Twitter. Tweet this message: “My name is [YOUR NAME on looloo] on @looloo and I’m joining the #loolooholidaygiveaway! They’re giving away an iPhone 5C!” Here’s how your tweet should look like:

    3. Instagram. Just regram this photo and use this message as your caption: “My name is [YOUR NAME on looloo] on the @loolooapp and I’m joining the #loolooholidaygiveaway! They’re giving away an iPhone 5C!” Here’s how your Instagram post should look like:

  2. After you’ve shown your intent to join, you can then start earning entries! You know the drill – more entries means more chances of winning! Here’s a quick spreadsheet you can look at to see how you can amass tons of entries.
    How to Earn Entries Entry Points Details
    Write a looloo review with text and a photo. 1 review = 1 entry Only reviews written within the contest period will be counted.
    Refer a friend to join looloo AND write a review 1 review from the new looloo member = 5 entries for both the referrer and the referee The new member must join looloo within the contest period AND tag the referrer at the end of the review.

    Use this line at the end of the looloo review: “I was referred by [@Friend’s Name] to join the #loolooholidaygiveaway!”
    Tag your friends in a public social media post telling them about the looloo contest 1 social media channel = 1 entry A maximum of 3 entries will be given if you shared the post and tagged your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

    Here’s the message you can use to tag your friends and earn more entries: “Have you joined @looloo’s #loolooholidaygiveaway yet? @[FRIEND 1’s NAME], [@FRIEND 2’s NAME], [@FRIEND 3’s NAME]

    For Twitter, tag @looloo, for Instagram tag @loolooapp and for Facebook, just publicly share this post.

  3. Contest period is from December 2 to December 16, 2013.

Here’s how the winners are going to be chosen:

We’re keeping our weird way of raffling off prizes (see the Halloolooween Contest mechanics for that one) but changing it up just a little bit this time.

Instead of the first randomly chosen person getting first dibs on whatever prize she desires, it will now be the last person chosen who will get first dibs.


Here’s an example. If we have a total of 10 prizes, we will randomly pick 10 names – 1st name, 2nd name, 3rd name, etc. For this contest, the 10th randomly picked name gets to choose whatever he thinks is the best prize. The 9th person will get to pick among the remaining 9 prizes, 8th person gets to pick among the remaining 8. And so on and so forth.

You never know, the first winner may pick the mystery bag instead of the iPhone 5C! Also, the mystery looloot bag may just have something even cooler inside. An iPhone 5S …case. Ha.

Let the looloo Holiday Giveaway begin! And may the odds be ever in your favor.