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It’s the month of hearts once again! Most people are probably busy trying to snag the last few reservations for the fancy schmancy restaurant they’ll be eating at after the usual Valentine’s chick-flick… Boooriiiiing. Why not spice things up a bit?

We’ve put together a quick list of road-less-taken places that we think are bound to get the flames of romance roaring in you and your loved one without having to stick to the washed up movie+dinner combo!

Sip & Gogh

If your significant other happens to be one of the artsy types, Sip & Gogh might just be your chance to impress him/her with your hidden creative side… that is, unless you intentionally keep it hidden for a reason.
According to Sam S.’s review of Sip & Gogh, the concept’s pretty simple: you come in, choose from their selection of paintings, and instructors help you (re)create your very own masterpiece from the painting you chose. Packages start at P1,000, covering all the painting supplies, snacks, and even free drinks. Thought the “I want you to draw me… with only this” scene from Titanic was sexy and romantic? This is even better! Maybe. Well, at least nobody’s naked.

sip & gogh on looloo

You get to take your painting home so why not take the cheesy route and give it as a gift to that special someone you’re with? If your painting looks like something your dog threw up on, who cares? You know what they say — love is blind!

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range

Who needs Cupid when you can shoot them arrows of love forrealz? Show your significant other that you’ve got an adventurous side by taking her to an archery range! An hour of shooting costs a reasonable P630 (the P30 being for target paper), which includes all the equipment and a trainer. Afterwards, give their vegetarian offerings a try — meaning you won’t feel (or look) too bloated in your first date photos.

Gandiva Cafe and Archery Range on looloo

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For the guys out there, bring out your date’s inner Katniss (who doesn’t love Jennifer Lawrence??) and who knows, she just might end up shooting an arrow at you… straight through your heart. ;)

Republ1c Wake Park

Assuming you can take the day off school or work, V-Day would actually be the perfect time for a road trip to the nearby Republ1c Wake Park in Nuvali, Laguna. Cable-pulled wakeboarding is all the rage now and with Valentine’s falling on a Thursday, according to Choy A.’s review of Republ1c, you’ll get to avoid the usual weekend lines.

Republ1c Wake Park on looloo

Not only do you get to do something fun together, you also get the chance to show off those 6-pack abs or bikini body that you’ve been working on to get his or her attention.

National Museum + Ilustrado

It might be a little old school to some, but nothing says “suitable mate” more than showing you’ve got a refined sense of culture and history. Wow your date with your knowledge of our country’s art and history (or have Wikipedia handy on your phone) and you two just might end up writing your own historic romance.

 National Museum of the Philippines on looloo

In Eunice V.’s review for the National Museum, she highly suggests you wear comfortable shoes so ditch the heels. Should you end up wanting to spend more time with one another after the long walk through the museum’s halls, head on over to the nearby restaurant, Ilustrado, which according to Jen R.’s review, serves the best sampaguita ice cream.

Pinto Art Gallery

Not your usual art gallery, Pinto’s garden-like setting is perfect for quiet romantic walks with your Valentine (something almost impossible to do in the city these days) as you admire Dr. Joven Cuanang’s vast art collection. A guided tour is available but with the basic entrance fee costing a mere P150, this is definitely a date place that won’t break the bank.

Pinto Art Gallery on looloo

Surrounded by powerful works of art by some of the Philippines’ best artists, the atmosphere might just be powerful enough to get your significant other to say yes to any big questions you might be planning on asking. *wink* I’ve heard this place has seen quite a few proposals already, actually!

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