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What’s worse than an ipis? A flying ipis.

What’s worse than a flying ipis? Read on and find out.

Sure there are restaurants that are going to get bad reviews on looloo, that’s a given. Sometimes it’s because of bad service, other times it’s bland food, heck, sometimes even bad parking is reason enough to deduct a star. But few other reasons are potent enough to demand a 1-star rating more than finding a creepy crawly in your food.

What’s worse than a flying ipis? An I-almost-put-you-in-my-mouth ipis.

Ipis Sighting no.1:

Looks like some this roach was cravin’ for some sushi that day. Kawaii? So not.



Ipis Sighting no.2:

We’re in the Philippines so duh, everyone loves sinigang. Unfortunately, this particular time, “everyone” includes your friendly neighborhood ipis-man.



Ipis Sighting no.3:

Eating healthy with fruits and veggies is all the rage nowadays. Look at this chubby fella chowing down on some greens. [P.S. Reviewer still gave 3 stars??]


While we blurred all the reviewers’ names and excluded exactly where these photos were taken, let this be a warning both to establishments AND users! Watch what you eat… literally. The moment that black pepper corn starts moving around on its own… ilabas ang tsinelas!



  1. letsgojoe
    March 16, 2013

    why would u block the resto’s name? shouldnt, as a resto review site, you guys should let everyone know where these foods come from? kinda funny that the 3rd photo (the one with the biggest roach) still gets a 3 star rating…haha

    • Tim
      March 17, 2013

      True. Why hide them? :(

  2. Donna
    March 16, 2013

    The bigger the roach, the higher the rating? XD