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While most people’s looloo app feeds are likely full of restaurant reviews, let’s not forget that the app’s not just for the foodies out there. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many looloo resort reviews people have submitted!

While most of us city folk sink back into the post-summer daily grind, it seems some looloo reviewers missed the “Summer ain’t over!” memo delivered by the months of June and July. Refusing to have grey skies and concrete be the background for their #selfies, a few looloo reviewers took it upon themselves to pack up their bags, head out on the road (or take to the sky), visit awesome resorts and beaches, and review them on looloo!


Crimson Resort and Spa-looloo Resort Reviews

Leslie L’s photo from his review for Crimson Resort and Spa

“Thumbs up to Crimson , it did not disappoint. A smaller resort compared to Shangrila but full of activities and a well serviced staff in their system made up for the size.”


Hundred Islands-looloo Resort Reviews

Nicole C’s photo from her review for Hundred Islands

“It’s amusing to find out that a paradise like this is just some 4-hour drive from Manila. Truly worth the long trip.”


Panglao Island Nature Resort-looloo Resort Reviews

Peach L’s photo from her review for Panglao Island Nature Resort

“I’d go back again and again. For the beach, for the place, for the service, for the amenities, and for the food.”