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Just because it’s a looloo rendezvoos (intentionally double o for looloo branding hehe), doesn’t mean it always has to be a restaurant!

This past October 10, we were lucky enough to have Enchanted Kingdom sponsor our visit to their magical kingdom in Laguna.

Since a lot of us haven’t been to EK in years, we weren’t quite sure what to expect from our Saturday adventure. Will it still look like the awesome theme park that it was when we were younger? Will the rides still be as scary? More importantly, will we see Eldar the wizard?!

Enchanted Kingdom

As we entered, we quickly saw that the park was packed! It may have been a bit crowded but it was pretty refreshing to see young kids still going with their families and friends to a theme park instead of going to the mall on a weekend… or playing Minecraft.

And surprisingly, after all these years (they’re celebrating their 20th year this year w00t!), Enchanted Kingdom still looks the same! The park is kept clean and you’ll always see someone cleaning up – whether it’s in the food court or near the rides.

Right when we got our park bands, we talked about our first order of business: hit up a lula-friendly ride safe for everyone. (Some of us just haven’t overcome our roller coaster phobia just yet hehe.) Looking at the handy Enchanted Kingdom map, it was an easy decision to make – the Flying Fiesta: a ginormous swing ride that rotates, lifts, drops, and tilts.

Falling in line took about twenty to thirty minutes which gave us more than enough time to chitchat with fellow looloo reviewers …and also try to calm ourselves down before the (one minute) ride. It was a good starting ride that got some of us already screaming at the top of our lungs, holding on for our dear lives. For some though, it was only a teaser ride.

From the famous Anchors Away to the kid-friendly Roller Skater to the classic Space Shuttle, the hunt for the most laglag-puso ride was on. And find it we did!

Called the EKstreme Tower, expect to be brought up 40 meters high before suddenly being dropped at 76 kph with your heart still in the air. Jairus D. even called it a “split second near-death experience!”

Even though we stayed at the park for 5 hours, we still thought it felt a bit bitin! It was definitely a well-spent Saturday with looloo friends at a theme park that’s been bringing friends and families together for twenty years! Thank you again to the Enchanted Kingdom team for having us! You can read what reviewers are saying about Enchanted Kingdom here.

P.S. We also got really lucky that when we went, there was a fireworks competition going on!