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We just had our first-ever looloo Eatup last Saturday, April 6 at Nolita!

An Eatup is really just a play on the word “meetup.” We changed the “meet” to “eat” since all we’re really going to do aside from getting together is to stuff our faces with food!

If you’re wondering how a looloo Eatup is different from a looloo Rendezvoos, here’s a quick list of differences:

  • A looloo Eatup is KKB while a rendezvoos is free (it’s on looloo)!
  • More people can join an Eatup but only 6-8 active looloo users are invited to a rendezvoos
  • Eatup attendees know where the event will be but rendezvoos attendees don’t (we usually meet up somewhere near the actual Rendezvoos spot)

For our first Eatup, we decided Nolita would be a good place. Not only is it self-service over there which means it’s KKB-friendly, a good number of attendees also haven’t been to Nolita yet.

At 11 AM (the meeting time), we had about 5-6 people. People started trickling in after 11 (with one early bird coming in a full hour early!) and by 1230 PM there were all of a sudden about 20 of us! Cray. By about 1-130PM, some people had left but only to be replaced by latecomers. Ha. (Hi Tracy M., Karl S., Pichuuur L.)

looloo eatup 1

It was so much fun meeting the people behind the looloo profiles and knowing they’re just as crazy about food as we are. It didn’t seem like we were meeting strangers at all! If you looked at our table, it was just like a bunch of loud friends were there, eating lunch.

looloo eatup 2

My story doesn’t end there.

At around 2PM, there were only about 7 of us left.

“Dessert?”, someone asks. 2 minutes later, we found ourselves at Slice munching on cakes and ice cream. And as if that wasn’t enough, an hour and a half later, we were at Wildflour Cafe + Bakery… eating steak. All before 7 PM.

It was an Eatup that turned into an all day pig out fest!

As we parted ways that day, we swore to each other that we’ll never hang out more than once a month! It’s ridiculous how much we ate that Saturday!

This is probably a more accurate photo of ourselves:

looloo eatup 3

Thank you so much to everyone who came and spent their Saturday afternoon with a bunch of masisibas and matatakaws. We had so much fun and also gained about 5 pounds each. Ha. Until next time!

If you want to come with us when we do our next fun and fattening event, join the looloo Eatup Crew! Make sure to use your name on the looloo app when you join!