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UPDATE: The giveaway has been extended! You can now earn entries all the way until January 5, 2017 at 11:59PM!

We know 2016 has been weird… so how about we give away unicorn stuff?? It won’t change anything that happened this year but maybe if we sneak this in, it will be magical for some! 🌈💫

Because what’s a bad day when you can snuggle up to your warm and fluffy unicorn hoodie? What’s a gloomy day when you’re dressed up as a blue unicorn???

Left to right: Unicorn Onesie, Magicorn Unicorn Hoodie, Light Up Unicorn Slippers

Left to right: Unicorn Onesie, Magicorn Unicorn Hoodie, Light Up Unicorn Slippers

We guarantee you, you will slay in these things, bes. In fact, your life is guaranteed to be on fleek. AF. Are we cool enough yet??? Yaaaas, fam! 🙌 (Yup, we had to google all those words.)

We even threw in a BB8 robot! It can’t do anything useful but hey, it looks cool.

Without further ado, we give you the details to the first-ever looloo Unicorn Giveaway!🦄🦄🦄

Make sure to download the looloo app or bookmark

3 Raffle Prizes + 4 Category Prizes

There will be 3 randomly selected winners and 4 category winners of various magical unicorn prizes plus restaurant GCs (with one winning the BB8 robot!). Here are the categories: Best Restaurant Review, Best Hotel Review, Best Review Photo, and Best Travel Review.

Random winners can only win once! If you were selected as a random winner, you can no longer win the prizes for either random winner #2 or #3. However, your review can still be chosen as the category winner.

The category winners are carefully selected by the looloo team the day after the giveaway. The random winners are well, selected randomly.

Category Details
Random Winner #1 BB8 Robot, White Unicorn Head, looloo Hoodie, and ₱1,500 worth of CPK GCs
Random Winner #2 Pink Heated Unicorn Slippers, looloo Hoodie and ₱5,000 worth of SM GCs
Random Winner #3 White Light Up Unicorn Slippers, Apple TV (3rd Gen), Giant Darth Vader Pez Dispenser, looloo Hoodie, Giant Rice Krispies Treats, and ₱1,000 worth of Morganfield’s GCs
Best Restaurant Review Unicorn Farts, Pushineecorn Mouse Pad, looloo Hoodie, and ₱2,000 worth of Nonna’s Pasta & Pizzeria GCs
Best Travel Review Unicorn Hoodie, Pushineecorn Keychain, looloo Shirt, and ₱2,000 worth of Bistro Group Restaurant GCs
Best Hotel Review Unicorn Onesie, Scented Poop Emoji Pillow, looloo Shirt, Giant Cookie Dough Bites, and ₱2,100 worth of California Pizza Kitchen GCs
Best Review Photo Unicorn Light, Pushineecorn Keychain, Exploding Kittens, looloo shirt, and ₱2,000 worth of IHOP GCs


  1. First of all, we need to know you even want these prizes! To do that, you’ll just need to add the hashtag #UnicornGiveaway to ONE of your looloo reviews. Just one! Make sure you spell the hashtag correctly!
  2. When you add the hashtag to any of your reviews (even if you add it during the last day of the giveaway), your qualified entries will automatically be added and categorized. So whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or travel review, it will be entered automagically! (Guys, we don’t want you adding the hashtag to all your reviews, please. Just ONCE and it will be counted! We pinky swear!)
  3. All qualified looloo reviews written beginning December 12, 2016 will be counted!
  4. You can check if you’ve successfully joined the giveaway by going to Just type in your email address that’s associated with your looloo account and hit enter to find out!
  5. Now that you’ve let us known that you’re joining the giveaway, it’s now time to start earning qualified entries!
    • There are FIVE prizes you can possibly win — Best Travel Review, Best Hotel Review, Best Restaurant Review, Best Review Photo plus one of three prizes where you get chosen randomly no matter the category. You can start writing your looloo reviews about places under whatever category but remember:
      1. the review has to have a nice photo,
      2. they have to have at least 1,000 characters,
      3. and they must be written beginning December 12, 2016.
    • Giveaway ends on January 5, 2017 at 11:59PM. We will announce the winners live on Facebook and Twitter on January 6, 2016 (Friday). We may run a looloo Twitter pop quiz! So make sure to tune in!

More reviews mean more chances of winning!!! Good luck everyone!