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The review photos on looloo have vastly improved over the years. Phone cameras keep getting better each year, DSLRs keep getting smaller, and restaurants continue to come up with crazier and more IG-worthy dishes.

So we thought maybe we should also up our photography game and this time, give away a drone.

DJI Spark Drone Giveaway

Perhaps we’ll get more aerial shots of landscapes and maybe even crazy aerial flatlays on looloo??

Other cool prizes include an Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, an Action Camera Victure, a Tile Mate (the key finder!), power banks, dragon meat, zombie jerky and of course unicorn poop. For good measure, we also threw in unicorn farts. You never know.

Ok. Let’s get to the nitty gritty details!

3 Raffle Prizes + 3 Category Prizes + 2 Bonus Prizes

There will be 3 randomly selected winners, 3 category winners, and 2 bonus prizes of various awesome AF prizes. Here are the categories:

* Best Restaurant Review
* Best Review Photo
* Best Travel Review

Random winners can only win ONCE. If you were selected as a random winner, you can no longer win the prizes for both Random Winner #2 or Random Winner #3. However, your review can still be chosen as the category winner.

The category winners are carefully selected by the looloo team the day after the giveaway. The random winners are well, selected randomly.

This time around, we’re also including bonus prizes for 2 people: one for the reviewer with the longest qualified entry and another for the reviewer with the most number of qualified entries during the giveaway period.

Check out the categories and the corresponding prizes below!

Category Details
Random Winner #1 DJI Spark Drone, Darth Vader USB, Pink looloo Notebook, looloo Hoodie
Random Winner #2 Victure Action Camera, Storm Trooper USB, Pink looloo Notebook, Php 2,000 worth of Figaro GCs
Random Winner #3 Tile Mate – Key Finder, Pokemon USB, 2 GOT Pop Toys, GOT Vinyl Box Surprise Toy, Dragon Meat, Php 2,000 worth of Figaro Vouchers, Mophie Powerbank 10,000 mAh
Best Review Photo Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic, Cute Pizza Keychain, Zombie Jerky, BLK 513 GCs worth Php 1,000
Best Travel Review Tile Mate – Key Finder, R2D2 USB, 2 Gudetama Luggage Tags, Php 2,000 worth of Figaro GCs, Mophie Powerbank 6,000 mAh, BLK 513 GCs worth Php 1,000
Best Restaurant Review Cute Grilled Cheese Keychain, Uni Sushi Keychain, Poop Emoji Pillow, Zombie Jerky, Unicorn Farts, Unicorn Poop, Pink looloo Notebook, Astronaut Ice Cream, 2 Matcha Snack boxes from Japan, BLK 513 GCs worth Php 1,000
Longest Review Minion USB, 2 Gudetama Mini Lamps, Gudetama Surprise Toy, Unicorn Farts, Astronaut Ice Cream, BLK 513 GCs worth Php 1,000
Most Number of Qualified Entries Cute Burger and Fries Keychain, Unicorn Poop, Pink looloo Notebook, BLK 513 GCs worth Php 1,000, Figaro GCs worth Php 1,000

How do you join??

1. Use the hashtag #loolooDroneGiveaway. You only need to use it once. Our system can identify your entry as long as you spell the hashtag correctly.

When you add the hashtag to any of your reviews (even if you add the hashtag during the last day of the giveaway), your qualified entries will automatically be added and categorized. So whether it’s a restaurant or travel review, it will be entered automagically. We pinky swear, you do not need to add it to each and every one of your reviews.

2. Write qualified looloo reviews written beginning September 5, 2017

3. Check you’ve successfully joined the giveaway by going to Just type in your email address that’s associated with your looloo account (you can check under your looloo profile tab) and hit enter to find out!

4. Now you can start earning qualified entries! There are SEVEN prizes you can possibly win: one of the random prizes, Best Travel Review, Best Restaurant Review, Best Review Photo, Most Number of Qualified Entries, and Longest Qualified Review!

To earn a qualified review:
* The review has to have a photo
* The review has to have at least 1,000 characters
* The review has to be submitted beginning September 5, 2017

The giveaway ends on October 10, 2017! We will announce the winner on October 12 on Twitter, together with a fun looloo pop quiz. ;)

More reviews mean more chances of winning!

May the gods both old and new grant you the same luck they bestowed upon the battle-scarred looloo reviewers whose great houses have won before you.