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The looloo Explorer Pack Giveaway!

This time of the year is usually when we start hunting for cool prizes to give away to lucky reviewers. While a 5-bedroom condo unit would have been a nice prize, we thought that was a bit boring.

Instead…we’re giving away multiple sets of cool prizes!

Up for grabs are different looloo Explorer Packs that we put together for specific category winners.

1: The looloo Travel Reviewer Explorer Pack
An explorer pack that’s perfect for the adventurous who love the outdoors, this prize package is just begging to be taken to Mt. Pulag, Nagsasa Cove, or even Tumalog Falls!

What’s inside:

  1. The North Face Backpack (Special thanks to our friends from R.O.X Philippines!)
  2. A Coleman sleeping bag
  3. A Coleman camping tent
  4. Anker external battery
  5. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

Coleman Tent Prize


2: The looloo Hotel Reviewer Explorer Pack
These days, what is traveling without taking photos and videos you can post on Facebook and YouTube?! Whether you just want wide-angle selfies or crazy videos of your latest adventure, this looloo Explorer Pack should help with that.

What’s Inside:

  1. A brand-new GoPro HERO4 SILVER. o__O
  2. Anker external battery
  3. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

GoPro Hero4 Silver

3: The looloo Restaurant Reviewer Explorer Pack
True explorers don’t just discover new travel destinations or activities, they’re also open-minded when it comes to eating. This means constantly trying new flavors and visiting all sorts of restaurants!

After all that eating, you probably won’t be thin and light, but review enough restaurants on looloo, and you may just win something that is.

What’s inside:

  1. A brand spankin’ new Apple iPad Air 2 fresh from our friends at Beyond the Box.
  2. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

BTB iPad Air2


More chances of winning guyz. If you can’t rely on luck, rely on your abilities!

Best Review Photo Winner
The looloo gods of luck may not choose your qualified review as the looloo Explorer Pack winner but if you bank on your photography skillz, you may just win the following:

  1. A 3-Day stay at the Remington Hotel. Because you deserve a break from taking such gorgeous photos!
  2. Resorts World restaurant vouchers worth Php 3,000. Because you need to eat after resting!
  3. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

Most Liked Review Winner
No luck and also no photography skillz to rely on? You better hope you’re popular. Because if you are, you may just win these:

  1. Php 5,000 worth of Starbucks anything! Spend it on frappuccinos or spend it on a sh*t-ton of Cavendish bananas, we don’t care!
  2. Anker external battery. In case your battery runs out while you’re at Starbucks.
  3. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!

Longest Review Winner
Not lucky, no photography skillz AND not popular?! They say hard work pays off and maybe this time, it will. Write the longest review and this one’s all yours:

  1. A Fully Booked gift certificate worth Php 5,000. Get all the Feng Shui books, Photography for Dummies books, and How-To-Be Popular books!
  2. Anker external battery. In case your battery runs out while you’re reading.
  3. A looloo hoodie. A hard worker like you deserves to have one.
  4. Other cool items we’ll reveal soon!


  1. First of all, we need to know you even want these prizes! To do that, you’ll just need to add the hashtag #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway to ONE of your looloo reviews.  When you add this to any of your reviews, your qualified entries will automatically be categorized. So whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, or travel review, it will be entered automagically! (Guys, we don’t want you adding the hashtag to all your reviews, please. Just ONCE and it will be counted! We pinky swear!)
  2. You can check if you’ve successfully joined the giveaway by going to Just type in your email address that’s associated with your looloo account and hit enter to find out!
  3. Now that you’ve let it known that you’re joining the giveaway, it’s now time to start earning entries!
    • There are three main categories where you can possibly win — Travel, Hotel, and Restaurant. You can start writing your looloo reviews about places under these categories BUT:
      1. the review has to have a nice photo,
      2. they have to have at least 1,000 characters or 150 words,
      3. and they must be written beginning October 1, 2015.
      4. For hotel reviews, the hotel stay must be within the last 12 months. We may ask for proof (receipt or booking confirmation) if your review is selected.
    • Don’t forget about the consolation prizes! ;)
    • The Travel, Hotel, and Restaurant Explorer Pack Winners will be randomly chosen.
    • Contest ends on November 30, 2015. We will announce the winners live on Facebook and Twitter on December 3, 2015, Thursday.

More reviews mean more chances of winning!!! Good luck everyone! #letsdothis

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    October 20, 2015

    :) :) ;) now it’s the time of the year again of all loolooers most awaited season’s also time for me to function my #nobelawritingstylemode of course with full of sense and details ? haha far from my normal crazy reviews that are sometimes out of the planet question, is there also a chance you will give looloo candy too?..haha