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They took the quiz, got perfect scores and were then chosen by the looloo gods of randomness to win the much-coveted looloo hoodie! Very looloo-geeky AND lucky!

Considering that only 8% (or 17 out of 109 quiz takers) got a perfect score, it’s probably safe to say that the looloo quiz isn’t the easiest test to ace. Getting a perfect score is an achievement in itself! But for these two, it doesn’t just end at 100%. Lady Luck clearly wants them to rock looloo hoodies!

Congratulations DJ. F and Gianne C.!
looloo Hoodie

Our Top 36 looloo Geeks!

If you took the quiz within the hoodie contest period and want to find out if you made it to the top 36, scroll down and see if your name made it to the list of Official looloo Geeks! Being on the Top 36 may not get you in to the hottest A-list parties but hey, you’ll get brownie points from our random hot girl! And of course, the rest of the looloo crew!

How they managed to get such high scores, we have yet to find out (we’ll be sure to ask them after we release the correct answers)! All we know is that they’re awesome, smart, brilliant, fantastic and all things beautiful. That, and we love them. <3

On the A+ Team (100%):

  1. Jamie G.
  2. Carlo B.
  3. Suzette C.
  4. Clarissa P.
  5. Gianne C.
  6. Trixia C.
  7. Theresa L.
  8. Carla M.
  9. Kate R.
  10. Drew C.
  11. Jennie V.
  12. Randy P.
  13. Jennever P.
  14. Anne R.
  15. Edward V.
  16. DJ F.
  17. Neil R.

On the A Team (92%  – just 1 mistake!):

  1. Jairus D.
  2. Aika C.
  3. Tracy M.
  4. Pau B.
  5. EiLeen T.
  6. Therese A.
  7. Lea A.
  8. Marc Rendl I.
  9. Lesley Ardell E.
  10. Joyce L.
  11. Em D.
  12. Ida D.
  13. Jayne Marie W.
  14. Chuty S.
  15. Aileen V.
  16. Kathryn P.
  17. Kristin A.
  18. Russel F.
  19. Christa U.

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  1. kate raymundo
    July 24, 2013

    Ayiii!! Im sooo happy :) sayang kasi hindi ako napili ng god of all randomness :) ahaha next time baby!