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This is it, ladies and gents! Launch is so close we can practically taste it!

This also means, however, that our iPhone 4S giveaway is ending as well. You have until 8PM today, November 19, to sign up and get your friends to do the same. Remember, each friend you get to sign up increases your own chances of winning a brand-spankin’ new iPhone!

looloo iPhone 4S giveaway

We’ll announce the winner on Friday, the 23rd!

It’s time to cross your fingers and put on that lucky pair of underpants you’ve been saving for a special day! Head on over to NOW!


  1. John Vincent Lot
    November 19, 2012

    Hey hey hey! Don’t forget about me! :D

  2. annethought
    November 19, 2012

    Is the looloo app up at the app store? That sounded weird. :D