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We’ve discovered that looloo users don’t just like to eat out a lot, they also like testing their looloo app knowledge! Okay fine, maybe they just want a looloo hoodie. Ha.

Either way, they took the looloo quiz seriously enough that we were seeing quiz takers post their scores on Twitter and Instagram! (But those are usually the ones who have gotten 100%. Show offs. Lol.) But for those who missed a couple of questions, Jairus D.‘s reaction here may sound familiar:

Jairus looloo tweet

You’ll have more opportunities to win the looloo hoodie, don’t worry!

What’s important is that – perfect score or not, we think it’s awesome that you were brave and geeky enough to take the looloo quiz! We are absolutely grateful that you took it! And you deserve to know what the correct answers are to all of them!

**If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, you still can. Just look away after this line and take the quiz here. Don’t cheat!

looloo quiz answer 1

Quick looloo trivia: looloo officially launched on the 20th of November, 2012 and had 1,072 users during that first day! If you think you’re part of that 1,072, please comment below! We’d like to say hi!

looloo quiz answer 2

This one is actually a pretty common question among new looloo users.

Since looloo is all about discovering places you’ll love, your Inflooence score is based on just how “inflooential” you are when it comes to recommending places to your friends. Not the number of your followers or reviews! So make sure to only recommend places to those who you think will actually go there AND also rate it 3 stars or higher on looloo!

The idea is that you only recommend a place to people who you think will like it!

looloo quiz question answer 3

Thank goodness no one picked the 4th option!

looloo quiz question number 4

87% of those who took the test gave the correct answer! Very nice! It’s also pretty interesting that no one picked Manny Pacquiao. Is it that unlikely that he’ll join looloo? Just you wait! Pacman will also be a looloo user one day!


looloo quiz answer number 5

This is a semi-trick question since we added “Open Late” in there. Only a true looloo user who has either memorized all the Explore filters or actually checked the app to confirm would get this right!


The quickest way to check this is to go on the App Store, search for looloo and look at the version number under Information. Another way would be to check the looloo blog!

looloo quiz answer 7

If you follow looloo on Facebook and Twitter, you’re bound to get the correct answer to this question! Although a quick “first cronut in the Philippines” Google search would also give you the same answer. But, you know, it would also be nice to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Like, really nice.

looloo quiz answer 8

The next most popular answer after the correct one is “Stuff looloo Reviewers Say” and if you picked that, that means you still haven’t seen the talent and gorgeousness of our Random Hot Girl! But why!?!

We shared her video this Thursday in the spirit of #ThrowbackThursday but just in case you missed that one, here is looloo’s very first YouTube video featuring the beautimous RHG.


looloo quiz answer 9

This is possibly the most difficult quiz question! Only 57% of those who took the test got the correct answer! Just search for “eatup and rendezvoos” on the looloo blog and you’ll read about the 3 main differences between an eatup and a rendezvoos.

And if you want to pig out with us at an Eatup, go and join our looloo Eatup Crew Meetup Group!

looloo quiz answer 10

We’ve been promoting this one on looloo’s social media accounts! There’s actually a secret page on the looloo website where literally anyone with an email address and a name can subscribe to the looloo newsletter!

looloo quiz answer 11

Most looloo users know that looloo was once the #1 Free App spot for the PH App Store. It’s just a matter of knowing which month! One Google search and you’ll find out that we got a cool write up from GMA News Online about looloo being the #1 Free App on the PH App Store!

looloo quiz answer 12

Quick! If you answered false, open your looloo app! Tap the Explore tab and pick a random place. See that spot where you can see the average star rating of the place? Now tap that area and swipe to the right. One more time. Tadaaah!

looloo quiz answer 13

So many looloo reviewers have been trying this one out! Join the looloo flag craze and use the pipe when you’re on the app!

If you think about it, it’s actually not that hard to get a perfect score on this quiz if you have the looloo blog and your app experience to guide you!

Your turn! If you could add your own looloo question in the quiz, what would it be? Make it difficult!