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Roll out the red carpet, folks! It’s time for the big reveal — looloo’s most-reviewed places of ALL TIME!

The remaining 5 on the list (check out the bottom 5 if you haven’t yet!) include 2 breakfast places, a burger joint, more katsu, and a lone dessert contender. We have no trophies to give out, nor can we afford a Miley Cyrus twerking performance for these “awards”, but hey, at least they’ll get the quiet applause from the 2 people who read this blog. (Just kidding, there are actually 3.)

*Drumroll please!!*


Most-Reviewed Places on looloo #5: Slice (BGC)

Number of reviews: 298

Most-reviewed places on looloo: Slice-Bonifacio-High-Street-looloo-Restaurant-Reviews

A favorite of looloo’s own resident choco-yema-holic, Peanut D., Slice’s popularity grew when word of its signature choco-yema cupcake started spreading, with phrases like “best cupcake ever” going around in hushed tones. Since then, their popularity has gone mainstream — opening 2 more Slice Express carts and stalls to cater to their loyal sugar-crazed fans.


Most-Reviewed Places on looloo #4: Burger Bar

Number of reviews: 306

Most-reviewed places on looloo: Burger-Bar-Greenbelt-2-looloo-Restaurant-Reviews

Given Filipinos’ love for burgers, it’s no surprise that a burger joint has made the list. This ain’t your regular Yum burger though, as their attention to detail when it comes to meat has won over the hearts of Manila’s carnivores. Some would even go so far as to say that it’s the closest thing we can get to an In ‘n Out, Five Guys, or Shake Shack over here.


Most-Reviewed Places on looloo #3: Wildflour Café + Bakery (BGC)

Number of reviews: 340

Most-reviewed places on looloo: Wildflour-Bonifacio-Global-City-looloo-Restaurant-Reviews

Opening just a couple of months before looloo’s launch may have helped it gain popularity early on, but since then, it hasn’t shown signs of slowing down at all. It seems like something’s always cooking (pun intended!) at Wildflour. They were the first-movers when the cronut craze took off, and who knows what they’ll come up with next. Whatever it is, we hope we won’t end up having to fall in line for 3 hours to try some.


Most-Reviewed Places on looloo #2: Yabu (SM Megamall)

Number of reviews: 356

Most-reviewed places on looloo: Yabu-SM-City-North-EDSA-looloo-Restaurant-Reviews

No, this isn’t a mistake. TWO Yabu branches made it to the Top 10. The Megamall branch being the first one, it’s no surprise that it’s found its way to number 2 on our list. If a secret formula existed somewhere out there for getting tons of reviews on the app, it might just be with Yabu. Some would say that’d be more precious than the Krabby Patty secret formula!


Most-Reviewed Places on looloo #1: IHOP

Number of reviews: 457

Most-reviewed places on looloo: IHOP-Bonifacio-High-Street-looloo-Restaurant-Reviews

Love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure… people can’t seem to stop talking about it! The place has gotten mixed reviews from looloo reviewers so far, but with a lead of over 100 reviews ahead of number 2, IHOP makes a strong case for the saying, “no such thing as bad publicity!”




Congratulations to Carlo B. for being the FIRST to correctly guess the top 5 on the list for last week’s looloo payoong giveaway!


  1. Carlo Barroquillo
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    Nice! I hope it comes with a free hoodie too! =P

    • EJ dela Vega
      October 21, 2013

      Haha! :D Sent you an email, Carlo! Check your inbox please! Congratulations!

      • Carlo Barroquillo
        October 21, 2013

        Email sent!

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