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Need to brighten up a woman’s day? If she’s a looloo reviewer, don’t get her flowers. They’re overrated. That, and she can’t eat them. Get her food. No, not burong mangga.

We’re thinking… cupcakes.

Why not? They’re pretty and delicious! Plus, nothing says you’d still love her even if she gained a couple of extra pounds more than a box of cupcakes. (“Sige dear, kain ka pa ng maraming cupcakes…”)

To prove to you just how much the ladies love them cupcakes, we did a little bit of looloo research. Here are a couple of things we discovered:

27:        The number of cupcake-specific places listed on looloo
647:     The total number of looloo reviews for those places
83%:    Percentage of cupcake-related reviews written by women

The number of reviews we have there doesn’t even include restaurants, bakeries, and cafés that also serve delicious cupcakes like Slice or Sophie’s Mom!

So yes, it’s confirmed. The sweetest way to a woman’s heart? Cupcakes, ya’ll.

But wait, there’s more! We’re feeling so generous today that we’ll even include the best places to get your cupcakes from! We picked a couple of the most popular cupcake places on looloo and sorted them according to their average rating to give you…

The Top 3 Cupcake Places According to looloo Reviewers!


#3: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

With an average rating of 4.02 out of 5.00 for all 3 branches, Vanilla Cupcake Bakery takes the third spot on our list!

Not only do they get that third spot, it looks like they’ll also win the Cute Cupcake Place award as almost all of their looloo reviews talk about just how cute, dainty, and girly the place is. One male reviewer even likened this place to Katy Perry’s room!

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery on looloo

What to try: The Banoffee Cake in a Cup and their Oreo Cheesecake cupcake!

#2 Cupcake Lab

For some looloo reviewers, going to the Podium mall means stopping by Cupcake Lab for dessert. With an average rating of 4.36 out of 5.00, it’s easy to see why!

They even offer mini cupcakes for those who can’t finish a normal-sized one (we didn’t think a cupcake could get even smaller!) or for those who just want to try more flavors. Be careful trying more of their cupcake flavors. We’re already starting to read about people admitting to their Cupcake Lab addiction. Intense!

Cupcakelab on looloo

What to try: Red Velvet (featured on the looloo newsletter as part of the red velvet series, this one runs out pretty quickly!), Ferrero, and Chocolate Chip!

#1 Cupcakes by Sonja

Did you know that before Sonja Ocampo opened her cupcake store in 2006, she first had a stint in the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York?

7 years later, cupcake fans still flock to what one reviewer said is “the best cupcake joint in Manila.” Their 4.45 out of 5.00 looloo average rating may just support that statement. It also lands them at the #1 spot on our list!

We just read on someone’s looloo review that a third branch is opening this August in the Shangri-La Mall!

Cupcakes by Sonja looloo copy copy

What to try: Choco Cream Pie, Banana Monkey Cream Pie, and their Red Velvet!