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Move over, Minions. After the wave of cutesy feel-good films like Despicable Me and Monsters University, it’s time to get a bit of testosterone in our systems. “The Wolverine” premieres in theaters all over Metro Manila tomorrow, and for all those craving for some PG-rated hack and slash action, we’ve put together a list of Metro Manila’s most-reviewed and top rated movie theaters on looloo. If the early reviews for the flick are any indication, you’re probably going to be on the edge of your seat for a good 2 hours — might as well make sure they’re comfortable!


Top Rated Movie Theater 3: TriNoma Cinema

While some reviewers have complained about long lines, sometimes faulty air-conditioning, and difficulties when it comes to getting seats, TriNoma does try to make it up to patient movie-goers somehow!

Top Rated Movie Theaters: TriNoma-Cinemas-looloo

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One way it does this is by making providing an assortment of nearby food establishments like Taters, NYFD, and Krispy Kreme, to name a few. You might also chance upon promos such as discount coupons for gelato! For those willing to shell out a bit more cash, the La-Z boy seats in some of their theaters are supposedly some of the best in the metro.


Top Rated Movie Theater 2: Power Plant Mall Cinemas

What the place lacks in size, they make up for with comfort. Reviewers have praised the generous leg room, comfortable seats, and ample air-conditioning — the must-have trio for any quality cinema, if you ask us. They don’t offer online reservations for tickets just yet, but the crowd levels are significantly less compared to other places.

Top Rated Movie Theaters:Power-Plant-Mall-Cinemas-looloo

There are a few complaints though. Mentioned several times in reviews is the lack of individual restrooms per theater. We’d advise clearing the tanks before the movie, as missing a few minutes of the film to exit the cinema to get to the bathroom could result in one of those dreaded “you just missed the best part!!!!” moments. Bummer.


Top Rated Movie Theater 1: Promenade Cinemas

The crown jewel of sound quality when it comes to movies is now in the Philippines. The newly-opened Promenade Cinemas are equipped with the latest Dolby Atmos sound systems. It’s so good, in fact, that it had one reviewer saying “Dolby Digital and DTS don’t even come close. Not even THX.”  Sounds perfect for a SFX-heavy movie like “The Wolverine!”

Top Rated Movie Theaters: Promenade-Cinemas-looloo

We tried looking for negative comments about the place but we were hard-pressed to find anything significant (calling the sound system TOO good is a debatable criticism). Even the price is reasonable, at P220 per ticket! It’s no wonder this place is on top, quite deserving of its 5-star rating!