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We are extremely happy to tell everyone that looloo is now available on the App Store!

But first, what in the world is looloo?

looloo is an iPhone app specifically made for those who want to explore Metro Manila and visit all of its best places! We’d like to think it’s an app for foodies, spa junkies, nightlife lovers – anyone who loves going out!

We built looloo for curious and adventurous Filipinos who love the experience of trying out places and finding new favorites along the way. We want you to discover places you haven’t heard of before, but that end up becoming exactly what you’re looking for.

What can I do with this app?

While you can’t do your laundry nor clean your room with the app (sorry guys), you can do even better things with looloo!

  1. Explore All Sorts of Places
  2. On this tab you can find restaurants, nightlife spots, spas, salons, and other places of interest. Aside from that, Explore also takes care of sorting and filtering places for you.

    For days when you’re both lost and hungry or just want to see what’s around you, you can search for places Nearby. Look for places in Greenhills, The Fort, or any other area in Metro Manila! Search for that new restaurant your friends have been talking about. You can even look under the Trending tab to check out places that are getting tons of reviews!

    There are so many other filters just waiting to be discovered under the Explore tab! Go ahead, try them all out!

  3. Write Reviews
  4. Rate and review places you’ve tried out. Do you think the place you just visited deserves all 5 stars? Or just 3? Just 1? Oh man. Describe how your experience went and don’t forget to add an image!

    Bring out the critic in you and tell your story through photos and text so your friends who read it feel as if they were right there with you.

    Even better, you can share your review on Facebook and Twitter!

  5. Recommend and Give Credit
  6. Do you think some of your friends on looloo will love a place you just visited? Recommend it to them! They’ll get instantly notified and the place you just recommended will get added to a list that they can look at next time they head out. Of course, when your friends do the same thing for you, be sure to thank them by giving them credit!

    Keep building up your influence on looloo, which we call “inflooence”, and be known by your followers as the go-to person for knowing all the hottest spots in Metro Manila!

    Remember, your inflooence score only goes up if the friends whom you recommended a place to actually go there, write a review, and like it! So when recommending places to friends, you gotta make sure there’s a really good chance they’ll go there and end up giving a good review!

    There you have it! If you still haven’t downloaded looloo – download it on your iOS device now! If you already have, don’t forget to say hi to us on Twitter, Facebook, or even through email! And if you find a place that we don’t have listed on the app just yet, send us an email via!