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By December 17 (the following day after the contest period), we had more than 200 names join the #loolooholidaygiveaway. From looloo reviews to referrals …to nagging friends on social media, we counted them all! The total number of entries collected? 2,015. Cray.

We were so excited to announce the winner, we even did a live tweetcast (?) as we were drawing looloo reviewers’ names! Even we were getting jittery with each new name popping up!

The live tweeting wouldn’t be as much fun though if not for the hilarious tweets we were getting from looloo users. (Although we did find it interesting that they were able to monitor Twitter on a weekday at 3PM…)

There were 20 winners for this contest and the twist for this #loolooholidaygiveaway was that the last (or in this case, the 20th) name to get randomly picked, gets first dibs on the prize of his or her choice.

Here’s a list of the winning names to have been randomly chosen by the looloo gods (in order):

  1. Leo V.
  2. Kuya J.
  3. Teachy Jing V.
  4. April V.
  5. Carla M.
  6. Gio C.
  7. Theresa L.
  8. Jennie V.
  9. April H.
  10. Reinier S.
  11. Olive Y.
  12. Cristina C.
  13. Trisha S.
  14. Anne R.
  15. Lovely Joy M.
  16. Leen C.
  17. Reisha D.
  18. Caroline C.
  19. Jamille T.

And that 20th name to get picked? Lots of looloo reviewers wanted it to be their names but it seems the looloo gods of random contest winners have made their choice.

It was to be Suzette C.

She already stopped by looloo HQ yesterday to pick her prize up! What a lucky girl!

Suzette C wins the loolooholidaygiveaway Suzette C. with her brand new iPhone 5C and the looloo Crew complete with the balloonicorn and Taylor Swift.

The mystery restaurant gift certificates have also been revealed via Twitter. We’re giving away 2 Yabu GCs worth Php 1,000 each, 10 free upsize GCs from BONO Artisanal Gelato (plus all winners also get to keep 2 free BONO upsize GCs!), 2 Cue Modern Barbecue GCs worth Php 1,000 each, 5 Teriyaki Boy GCs worth Php 500 each and 5 Dencio’s GCs worth Php 2,000 each!

The Mophie Powerstation Mini went to Reisha D. while the PhotoJojo Lens Set to Leen C.

As for the 2 mystery looloo bags and what’s inside them? We have yet to find out! Both Caroline C. and Jamille T. picked them and we’re excited to see how they’ll react after they find out what we managed to stuff the bags with! Will it have the same stuff Paula P. had in her mystery bag?

We’ll find out soon!

Thank you to everyone who joined the #loolooholidaygiveaway! Congratulations to all the winners!!! And to those whose names the looloo gods did not choose, worry not! We might just have another one early next year…

For now, happy holidays! Enjoy the holiday break and if you eat out… don’t forget to looloo it!

P.S. That live tweet was so much fun, it made us think of introducing monthly Twitter quizzes. Maybe with fake poop as prizes? Ha. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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  1. BlossomAlesnaMorante
    December 21, 2013

    Monthly contest would be more exciting… Not just thru Twitter, but in the looloo app itself.